Potential Risks To Consider When Moving Internationally

Potential Risks To Consider When Moving Internationally

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When we consider undertaking a specific course of action, it is always good to know whether or not such endeavours will succeed or have a negative outcome, and whether the potentialcourse of action to be taken is worth it or not. This process is known as risk assessment, and it is something we do in our everyday lives, such as deciding to sleep a few more minutes after the alarm goes off or taking a different route to work than usual. This article will explore the potential risksto considerwhen moving internationally, as well as why it could potentially be worth it to consider those risks.

What Are The Risks Associated With Moving Internationally?

There are quite a few potential risksto considerwhen moving internationally. It is not something to be taken lightly – you are essentially uprooting your life (and possibly the lives of others) to move to an entirely new country. Your new home country has the potentialto be similar to the one you leave behind, but it is also possible that you will feel like a complete stranger. It is therefore important to weigh potential risksagainst potential benefits before moving internationally. Below is a list of the potential risksassociated with moving internationally.

  • Money: Moving internationallyis expensive. From the moment you initiate the move to the moment you settle down and unpack your last box, you are probably spending more money than usual. Movingtrucks, transportation (if you don’t have a car in your new home country yet), and takeaways (before your fridge is up and running) all cost money, not to mention the potentially higher cost of living and all the fees you’ll probably incur for setting up your taxes and utilities. Relocating internationallyis thus a significant investment.

  • Culture shock: Different countries may be similar, but they won’t be exactly the same. The potential culture shock you may experience when movingto a different country will be more pronounced if you move to a country that is significantly different culturally, like relocating from a majority English-speaking country to a place like South Korea or Turkey.

  • The language barrier: Another factor to consideris the language barrier. While many countries have English as an official language, it’s possible that you will have to learn a new language to function in everyday society in your new country. This goes hand-in-hand with culture shock, so it’s a good idea to prepare yourself before you move (picking up a major language from your new home country or learning a few basic phrases before you move is a good start).

  • Stress: Relocation is stressful. You may be used to doing things a certain way in your home country, but your new home country might not be very accommodating to certain aspects of your lifestyle. Everything else on this list also compounds the stress you may experience when you move, so it is important to try and manage your stress and stay as organised as possible so that nothing catches you off-guard.

  • Friends and family: Depending on where you move, you might be leaving a lot of people behind. Visiting them may be a costly affair and it’s also entirely possible that you will struggle to make new friends. Be prepared to miss your loved ones.

  • Homesickness: Even if you have very good reasons to move to a different country, considerthe fact that you will miss your old home (beyond missing family and friends). You might miss specific dishes, certain cultural practices (like the proudly South African braai), and perhaps even certain live music and entertainment that isn’t available anywhere else.

Relocating Internationally Can Be Worth The Potential Risks

Only you can decide whether relocating overseas makes it worth the effort or not. The risksmentioned above will not make things easy for you, but it’s possible that the rewards of relocation far outweigh the disadvantages. You can potentially earn more money, have a higher standard of living, and have better access to goods and services that were harder to obtain in your home country.

Whatever your reason is for moving, Elliott can help.

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