Business Relocation

Professional Business Moving Services

From planning to reassembly, our specialist team will ensure that your business relocation experience will make you forget that you even moved.


Smooth transitions for both emerging enterprises and national corporations. From planning to reassembly, our comprehensive services ensure your operations are minimally disrupted.


Safeguard your assets during warehouse moves with our secure, minimally disruptive, and efficient planning services, designed to maximise efficiency, and reduce risk.


Swiftly re-establish operations with our thorough disassembly and reassembly services, tailor-made specifically for IT equipment moves.

When it comes to moving your business, whether for financial benefits or to be closer to emerging markets, we understand the importance of ensuring that your relocation does not disrupt your productivity or create inefficiencies. Our robust quality management systems and turnkey services are designed to be customer centric, proactive, and hassle-free.

What you can expect when you move with Elliott

Our clients stay within budget and know what to expect during the various stages of their move. All projects therefore start with a comprehensive site evaluation and custom quote. You will also be allocated a project manager who will work closely with you and ensure your requirements are fully met.

Packing, handling, and transport

Our teams are trained and efficient in the safe packing and handling of office goods and equipment. Additionally, our vehicles are fully equipped with air suspension, tail lifts and tracking devices to make sure that even the most delicate equipment is transported safely. On arrival at the new location, sit back and relax as we reassemble your furniture and place it precisely within the space it was planned to be.

Project Management

Business relocation services offers full project management to ease the pressure of your relocation. Your project manager will discuss the scope of work with you and provide a layout of the project. Planning, lead times, and specifications are included in all office relocation plans to ensure that your company’s specific requirements are met.

Corporate businesses choose Elliott to move their staff

Whether you have chosen to acquire new talent or retain the skills of a valued employee, an organised, successful move demonstrates professionalism and care. Our corporate sales team can assist with all corporate relocation requests whether they be national, international, cross border or third country relocations. Get in touch with us.

A successful move begins with a comprehensive survey

Our dedicated corporate sales team follows strict operating procedures that begin with a comprehensive assessment and quote. Once we have detailed the inventory that must be moved, we will submit a comprehensive quotation to the business. The quotation will cover moving of the employee’s furniture, vehicles, pets, as well as storage and insurance.

Why you should relocate your workforce with Elliott
  • We adhere to your relocation policy and procedures

Our team remains at the disposal of the company and family during the move

  • Working with an experienced team simplifies the enquiry process so that you can focus on your core business
  • We assign priorities to requests and tasks to ensure the correct allocation of resources
  • The team will consolidate answers to complex multi-country submissions, provide unified outputs to various requests, and remove uncertainty and the risk of miscommunication
  • You work with a dedicated team who are equipped to handle the complexities of your move so that you don’t have to contact several persons to re-explain issues
  • Our hand-holding approach creates a positive and supportive experience for the family
  • And because we take time to get to know you and your employee, satisfaction is guaranteed
Moving is more than packing and shipping

When families move, they move more than people, boxes, and bags. Elliott understands that moving people is about moving lives. For this reason, our trusted partners will offer their support and advice on schools and location amenities and getting your finances in order in your new location.


Office Relocation Services

When moving to a new business location, we advise planning your IT infrastructure well ahead of time. Your new location must have reliable long-term access to internet, especially if you require internet access for certain business operations to function optimally. An internet service provider can assist you with internet accessibility and provide the specifications of the service that will be available to you at your new location. Cabling is also often overlooked and can cost a small fortune if not handled correctly.

The proper setup of components such as computers and printers is a specialised service that requires the assistance of an IT professional. Your IT company should reassemble and connect these components when cabling, furniture, and shelving has been installed. Larger sites will likely require the installation of cabinets that house cabling, telecommunications, and server equipment.

Business Relocation
Office Relocation

We ensure that it is business as usual at your new business location.

Our office relocation services include:
• If required, we will dismantle your office furniture
• Electrical equipment is wrapped with protective wrapping
• We move printers, personal computers, and photo copiers
• Our team will place and reassemble your office furniture and equipment

Business Relocation
IT Equipment and Server Relocation

IT infrastructure is a crucial component of any modern business. Without prompt relocation of IT components, administration and many other business operations are affected.

Our IT relocation services include:
• Electrical equipment is packaged with a protective wrapping
• Aerothene (an anti-static material) is used for wrapping components
• Flat sheet packing is used for support and safe transport
• IT equipment is transported in an air-suspension vehicle to limit damage from shock

Business Relocation
Warehouse and Shelving Relocations

Moving your warehouse should not be nerve-wracking. For this reason, your project manager will ensure the following:

• If required, we will handle the pelletizing of stock
• Your warehouse stock and shelving will be transported with a flatbed vehicle or a closed 8-ton vehicle
• To reduce damage to your inventory, our teams will professionally dismantle warehouse shelving
• Our teams will reassemble your warehouse shelving and re-bolt bolted shelving systems, where necessary
• If you require a forklift, a rental is available on request

Business Relocation
Safes and Bulk Filers

Reliable transport of your company safe and bulk filers.
Extra-large and weighty items are often transported or handled incorrectly due to their size. Our team will however ensure that filers are professionally disassembled and reassembled.

• We move CAT1, CAT2, and CAT3 safes
• Our professional team will dismantle bulk filers
• Placing, levelling, and re-assembly of bulk filers at the new location


Although art may not be essential to most business operations, works of art are an investment and often form part of company culture or brand identity. It is therefore essential that art is handled by accredited professionals from pick-up to delivery.

Moving art is an art.
Elliott is the only ICEFAT member in Africa. ICEFAT is a worldwide organisation representing over 70 of the finest independent art transportation firms from 34 countries. Members specialize in handling and shipping works of art, artifacts and antiquities for museums, galleries and dealers, as well as corporate and private collectors.

• All artwork is wrapped with protective wrapping and is carefully packaged for transport
• We will wrap and pack oil paintings, pastel paintings, framed, glass framed, and un-framed art
• Full crating or skeleton crating options are available
• Materials used for wrapping art and sculptures include tissue paper, white paper, aerothene and flat sheets
• We also pack, wrap and crate statues and sculptures

Business RelocationStorage Services

Business Relocation

Storage Services

Proper storage solutions are as important as active transport. Your moving plan may therefore require the temporary or long-term storage of furniture, equipment, art, or machinery.

• We offer palletised storage for added protection of office furniture and workstations
• Non-containerised storage options available for extra-large or crated items
• For peace of mind, we have dedicated areas for storing works of art, sculptures, and antiques
• Specialised storage solutions are available for industrial equipment, machinery, and racking
• Carpets are stored in dedicated carpet chambers

Specialised Moving Services

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