Video Surveys

Video Surveys

Video Surveys, receive an accurate quote and get moving fast!

A video survey allows our estimators to see your household items to be moved in a 3d view as we would if we had to do an actual survey. You don’t have to worry about answering your door and physically walking someone through your home. The video survey is done remotely, using your smartphone or tablet. It is an easy and fast way to getting a moving quote any time of day. It offers easy and flexible scheduling for the customer especially for last minute moves.

Elliott offers pre-move surveys to ensure our sales team understands your move to provide you with an accurate quotation. Once you have contacted your nearest branch, we shall arrange for one of our Sales Executives to visit you to undertake a pre-move survey.  We suggest making a pre-move survey appointment with us at least 2 months before your anticipated date of removal.  The earlier you do this the better prepared and planned we can all be, however, we are always here to help you even if you find it necessary, due to unforeseen circumstances to contact us at the last minute. This is an important stage in preparing and pre-planning for a successful move.

Depending on the volume of the consignment and complexities of the move, at least one to two hours should be allowed for the pre-move survey.  It is unwise to rush through this important meeting.

Our Sales Executive will usually begin by taking down, in as much detail as possible, a list of the items to be included in your move. As volume costs money we don’t believe in taking chances, our Sales Executive will physically measure any larger items where necessary. After completion of the survey, our Sales Executive will carefully discuss in detail each aspect of your move, where we will work through a special check list with you.

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