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Some residents of South African towns, cities, and suburbs look forward to moving to a new house and relocating to a new home. Staying put for what they perceive as “too long” makes them feel extra restless. Periodically, they look forward to a job transfer to a new place or seek a new opportunity, which invariably means a major move.


Thriving on Change

In their heart of hearts, these movers and shakers have a sense of adventure and desire to explore and experience as much as possible of this wonderful country with its diverse population, cultures, lifestyles, and landscapes. Restless, adventurous spirits thrive on periodic change and whichever challenges come their way.

For some of them, visiting or having a holiday in an unexplored area is not enough; only moving to and actually living in a new location will suffice. On an emotional level, restless souls move easily. They do not seem to form particularly strong emotional ties with most familiar places.


Professional Relocation Assistance for All

However, when it comes to the practical aspects of relocating all they possess, which probably includes treasured souvenirs and mementos gathered during their forays in search of new adventures, easy movers benefit from professional relocation services as much as typical homebodies do.

Both appreciate the competent assistance and expertise of a leading company in the South African furniture removal industry, a company like Elliott Mobility.


Home is Where the Homebodies’ Hearts Are

As the well-known, widely used saying goes: “Home is where the heart is.” This is true for most human beings, and particularly so for the homebodies. However, few people are aware of the origin or age of this simple but true little piece of wisdom. The saying is attributed to an erudite ancient Roman philosopher, author, and soldier, Pliny the Elder, who lived and penned his opinions and theories some 2 000 years ago, when the Roman Empire ruled much of the then civilised world.


Safe, Secure Sanctuary

As mentioned, the homebodies amongst us form a really strong attachment to their safe, secure private sanctuaries – their homes, the places where their hearts live and lie, separate from the uncaring world out there. For them, moving to a new house may be deeply upsetting and unsettling, even traumatic, because on a conscious or subconscious level, they feel as though they are being torn from their very roots.


Trauma of a House Move

This is probably why it is said that moving to a new house is the third item listed on a scale of everyday traumatic experiences to which people are exposed. The death of a loved one tops the list, followed by divorce and then moving.

At Elliott Mobility, we certainly do not claim to be qualified to provide trauma counselling, nor do we try to step into that role. Even as an empathetic amateur; that is not our field. We are, however, specialised experts in all the planning, practicalities, and execution of providing smooth, hassle-free furniture removal and relocation services, locally throughout South Africa, as well as internationally, beyond this country’s borders and also beyond the mighty Africa Continent.


Recognition and Understanding of Emotional Ties

Nevertheless, during the many years since our highly successful, enduring furniture removal and relocation business was established in 1947, we have gained a great deal of experience and understanding about the side of removals that may take an emotional toll on some of our clients.

These are folks who may anticipate a house move and seeing their furniture being removed from their “proper”, accustomed places with a distinct sense of dread and anticipated, an all too real feeling of upheaval and abandonment. Some have been known to say that they would have felt like displaced persons, were it not for the fact that their South African furniture removal company supported them wherever possible during their move.

This we take into account each time we are contracted to handle someone’s treasured possessions during the removal and relocation process, and we remain ever cognisant of the emotional ties that people form with their property and their homes. We treat our clients and their precious goods with as much understanding and careful respect as they deserve – and that is as much as is humanly possible, at all times, but without disrupting or delaying the smooth furniture removal process.


Remove then Relocate

It should be kept in mind that furniture removal is one part of packing up and moving, but it does not end there. Relocation also involves expertise, care, and attention to detail, since possessions are possibly even more exposed to potential risks in this next part of the process.


Special Attention for Extra Special Cargo

In addition to being an expert respected South African household relocation concern, Elliott Mobility also takes care of office moves (the speciality of our Elliott Afrovan company), and a number of other aspects of the furniture removal business. These aspects and items require special attention, and as such, are supported by specialised divisions, since they involve really special considerations, because they represent very special cargo.


Fine Art

In addition to being treasured by the owner of a masterful artwork, the piece is one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable, be it an original painting, rare collectable print, sculpture, figurine, tapestry, or singular image from the lens of a renowned photographer’s camera.

Extreme care is taken to ensure that the safest, most appropriate packing materials and methods are used, protecting your fine art from bumps, scratches, breakage, moisture, dust, and anything else which might damage a unique work of art that is beyond replaceable monetary value

Elliott Mobility is a member of ICEFAT (International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters), which consists of various concerns that jointly provide clients with world-class fine art handling services of the highest order. In addition to a long list of private South African fine art owners, our clients comprise well-known collectors, recognised artists, museums, exhibitors, and galleries – a testament to the trust accorded to us by a very distinguished community.


Relocating Precious Pets

The welfare of precious pets is a very real concern for members of every household that includes a furry family member, which is to accompany them on their move to a new home. The pets’ wellbeing is just as important as that of the rest of the family and its possessions.

Unfortunately, pets do not understand all the upheaval around them when familiar things are being packed, stacked, loaded, and removed from sight, so they become bewildered or frightened and may bolt and run away in this perceived chaos. Keeping track of pets and keeping them comforted, calm, and safe is stressful for owners, which is contrary to our furniture removal mission.

As with our fine art relocation network, we also have carefully selected pet travel partners with whom we work – when and where necessary – to transport your furry (or otherwise-clad) friends in the most stress-free manner possible, locally, nationally, and internationally, inclusive of all travel arrangements – licences, permits, kennelling, quarantine requirements, and customised, comfortable travel containers.


Vehicles as Cargo

If you are only moving across town, you will travel to your destination in your own vehicle, be it your everyday set of wheels or a collectable classic car. However, when moving further afield, your travel mode may differ, and this is where Elliott Mobility and our trustworthy vehicle carrier or sea freighting partners take over to ensure that your wheels arrive safely, in mint condition, ready for collection or delivered to your new abode, where the next exciting chapter of your life begins, with your prized possessions intact.

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