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South African National Moving Companies

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Tips from South African National Moving Companies – Avoid the Mistakes

If you have never bought property before, doing some research on the subject is a definite must. You are probably thinking there isn’t much to it. As one of the leading South African national moving companies, we want to help you avoid a situation of having to move again because of a buying mistake.

With the above in mind, we share a few tips, which many other South African national moving companies might also do to help clients avoid costly mistakes.

We all want to believe that we will know the right home when we see it. However, this is not always the case. The most important tip is to double-check before you buy. Spending your life savings on the wrong property has the potential of bankrupting your estate. To avoid a devastating situation, it is best to get an expert opinion on the matter. Of course, if you have made a mistake and need to relocate, you can rely on us, as one of the trusted South African national moving companies, to assist you with the relocation process.


Do You Know What You Want?

Not everybody’s needs are the same. Make a checklist of all the must-have features, as well as all the desired, but not essential, features. Consider the area you want to live in. Is it safe? Is it close to work, hospitals, schools, shops, and entertainment? Think about the number of rooms you need, and the size of the kitchen or living room you desire. Are you willing to work on a fixer-upper or do you prefer a finished project? All these are questions to consider before you commence with house hunting.


What Is Your Financial Situation?

Yes, when buying a home, you get to say sayonara to that monthly rent, but there are new bills to pay. Calculate the monthly expenses and deduct these from your salary. Write down an estimate of how much your yearly holiday will cost as well. The total left is what you can use on the monthly bond repayment. However, you may have additional costs, such as painting, tiling, or adding a pool to your house. Also, remember to add the costs for using one of the South African national moving companies to transport all your items.


Don’t Be Too Hasty

There is no need to rush into a house that doesn’t meet the essential requirements. You can get a cheaper apartment in the meantime, and wait till the golden opportunity knocks. Renting can even be the best option for you. If you are not sure that you want to live in a certain area, buying a house might not be the best fit at all.


Size Is Important

Most people only think about the number of rooms in a place. However, you also consider whether you need just one bathroom or several. Do you have pets that require a large garden? Will you be able to enjoy cooking in a cramped kitchen? Measure the size of the house properly. If you want to build an extra area in the future, check that there is enough yard space to do so.


Take in Your Surroundings

Read the newspaper and look at weather charts to see if the climate is right for you. Also, consider the safety of the area. Take a map and see if there are stores and hospitals nearby. Go to a restaurant and meet some of the people. Ask about the neighbours. You must be sure that you want to spend the rest of your life or a big part of it in the city or area where the property is located. Ask our consultants at Elliott Mobility, as one of the best established South African national moving companies, for more information about our comprehensive relocation services.


Take Care of Your Vehicle

Sometimes, a property only offers street parking, which is not always the safest option. If you care about the condition of your vehicle, then it is imperative that you find a property with a shelter for it. South African national moving companies can assist in the transportation of your vehicle if you don’t want to drive it to the new location.

At Elliott Mobility, we are here to assist you in the relocation to your dream home.

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