Specialist Movers in Cape Town

When to Make Use of Specialist Movers in Cape Town

If you have unusually large or extremely sensitive equipment that must be moved, you will want to get quotes from specialist movers in Cape Town. This is also true if you need to move to a remote location or need help in relocating your pets.

We briefly look at instances when it will be better to make use of specialist movers in Cape Town, rather than the conventional furniture removal firms.

Pet Relocation

Do you need help with the relocation of your dogs and cats? Do you plan to move from Cape Town to another city or perhaps a remote town? Do you want your animals to be transported by road or air? Conventional furniture removal firms in Cape Town do not necessarily offer specialist services such as pet relocation. However, specialist movers, such as our firm, have years of experience in safely relocating pets as part of their moving services.

Artworks and Antiques

If you have expensive pieces of artwork that are light and climate sensitive, you will not want to risk having them transported by inexperienced movers. To this end, make use of specialist movers in Cape Town, who are able to offer temperature-controlled storage and transportation. We are able to provide the right packaging and can even handle the packing of the artwork and antiques. In addition, we can help you arrange appropriate insurance for the items.

Storage Needs

Maybe you want to store important documents, carpets, artwork, and plants because you are moving into a furnished home for six to twelve months. In this instance, you need specialist movers who are able to collect the relevant items from your home and transport them to the storage facilities. Such movers in Cape Town offer secure storage facilities that are relevant to the types of items you want to store. They offer short- and long-term storage facilities. The movers can also keep your houseplants safe in special greenhouse facilities.

Relocation Assistance

Are you new to Cape Town? Are you moving from overseas or Johannesburg, and need assistance in finding out where to find schools, shopping facilities, and medical service providers? Do you want someone to show you around or assist in finding the above? If so, you need to make use of specialist movers in Cape Town.

Turnkey Solution

If you need any of the above services, you will be glad to know that apart from being conventional furniture removers, we are also specialist movers in Cape Town and we are experienced in providing the above services.