Spring Day with Durban Child and Youth Centre

Elliott typically celebrates Spring Day with flowers, bright clothing and an office lunch. But for this year’s Spring Day, Elliott Mobility’s Durban team decided it was time for change.

The team arranged a fun-filled lunch with staff and children from the Durban Child and Youth Care Centre, which included hot dogs, cool drinks, party packs and plenty of fun and games. The joy the afternoon brought to the kids and the team is likely to start a new Spring Day tradition at Elliott.

About Durban Child and Youth Care Centre

Non-government organisation, Durban Child and Youth Care Centre, was established over 100 years ago to provide care and shelter to orphans, destitute children and children whose parents are unable to care for them. The centre recognises the importance of early intervention, preventative work and family reunification with children, youth and their families that seek help. Through a range of empowering programs, the centre assists children from across KwaZulu-Natal with issues including poverty, crime, domestic violence, substance and sexual abuse, and HIV/AIDS.