How To Stay Productive During An Office Move

How To Stay Productive During An Office Move

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2020 seems like it happened a lifetime ago, and yet we are still experiencing the effects of the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. While the worst of it is hopefully behind us, many companies are still experiencing the consequences of prolonged shutdowns and restricted business hours. Some companies had to close their doors permanently, while others had to scale down their operations by a significant margin just to stay afloat. If your company had to moveto a new office duringthis time period, you were probably concerned with howto keep employees productive during the move.

Productivity is the measurement of production output and efficiency against certain desired outcomes. The measurements used may differ from company to company, meaning that an employee that is considered productive in one field may not be considered productive at all in another field. One employer might consider it productive for office employees to complete a certain number of reports and attend a certain number of meetings in a day, while another employer might consider it productive if an employee solved a specific number of complex problems in a short timeframe. There might also be discrepancies in terms of what an employee might think was a productive day at the office and what their employer expected of them.

Tips To Stay Productive (Especially During An Office Move)

Productivity can fluctuate during office hours. Depending on sleep schedules and mealtimes, employees might have more energy at certain times of the day than others. It’s not always possible to tap into these bursts of productivity, but it is possible to encourage more productivity during other hours of the day. If you want to know how to stay productive during an office move, simply read our tips below.

  • Productivity begins before you even step foot in the office. It is affected by your lifestyle, howyou sleep to howyou eat. Healthier lifestyles are generally associated with increased productivity, as people who eat better and keep better sleep schedules than their peers tend to have more energy and are more motivated to keep working, even when there are disruptions (such as when companies move to new premises or when employees suddenly have to work from home).

  • Employees who suffer from anxiety and other debilitating mental health issues may be less productive. If you’re an employer, it is important to check in on your employees during periods of change and instability, such as when a company is in the midst of a move to a new location, or if the company is restructuring. Mental health, whether it’s yours or your employees, should never be neglected.

  • Employees should take frequent breaks. This doesn’t entail constant disruptions, but rather the opportunity for employees to rest their eyes for a minute or two and stretching their legs. This can help them stay alert and focused and can ease any strain on their mental health.

  • Sometimes it helps to sort tasks according to priority, or to break up bigger tasks into more manageable chunks. This could help make monumental tasks seem like less work, motivating employees to complete their work on time.

  • It’s also important for employers to facilitate frequent communication with their employees. This does not mean babysitting them (and neglecting other responsibilities in the process), but rather creating accountability and ensuring that they are doing their best to stay productive.

  • Distractions can lead to decreased productivity levels. Employees should focus on completing one task at a time and they should try to eliminate any potential distractions that might cause their attention to waver and their productivity to decline. If an employee is working from home, they should try to work in an area of the house with a quiet, relaxing atmosphere (and nowhere near a television or noisy housemates).

Don’t Procrastinate!

Procrastination is the ultimate killer of productivity, which means addressing it is a big priority if you want to stay productive during an office move. The longer you (or an employee) delay a task, the less likely it is for that task to be done in an efficient and satisfactory manner. If you complete a task early, there is more time for you to go through it and fix any potential mistakes before you progress to the next task. Don’t procrastinate when it’s time to move your company to a new location. Contact us now.

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