Benefits of Storage Facilities for Home Owners

Over time, we collect items, whether they are knick-knacks or pieces of furniture that, of course, we had to have because they were quirky or considered “one of a kind”.  Then one day, you look around, notice that you have hardly any space to move around in and decide that it’s time to de-clutter. Perhaps you need to move to a smaller space and have way too much furniture and brick-a-brack, but do not have the heart to get rid of it and giving your collected items may not be an option. So, what can you do? Asking friends or family to store your items for you may seem like an immediate plan but it isn’t a long-term solution. Why not consider the use of storage facilities? So that, when the time is right, you can still bring out that beloved armchair that once belonged to your great-grandmother.

Moving House or Selling Your Home?

Storage facilities come in handy when moving, especially when relocating to a new province. You might not have decided on a neighbourhood yet and may need to do some homework before the final move takes place. Having the option of storage facilities leaves you with peace of mind knowing that your belongings are being safely looked after while you choose your forever home. Whilst you are in the process of transitioning into a new home, you have the choice of short-, medium- or long-term storage allowing for easy access to your belongings when you are ready.

The use of storage facilities also comes in handy when selling your home. Making your home appealing to a potential buyer is important and the last thing you need is a house full of clutter. By boxing up and storing your non-essential items, you create a more spacious and desirable home for potential buyers.

A Lifetime of Memories

Oh, how we treasure a lifetime collection of memorabilia and heirlooms that invariably end up in a forgotten drawer or at the bottom of a cupboard. Perhaps you have inherited items of value that need to be carefully looked after whilst you are in the process of moving. Or you are the lucky recipient of antiques that have been handed down from generation to generation. As these are not for daily use and the space in your home isn’t adequate to display them, renting storage facilities allows you to keep your priceless treasures for as long as you need to.

Keeping Your “Toys” Safe and Protected

If you do not have additional carports or a sufficiently large garage but need to keep your seldom-used boat or vintage vehicle protected, then secure storage facilities are what you are after. The climate wreaks havoc on vehicles or boats that are outside and unprotected and as these are major financial investments that appreciate over time, it is important to keep them in tip-top condition. Some of these items may not be used often as they are considered seasonal “toys”. Therefore, it is wise to find storage facilities that will ensure their safety and protection.

Having Your Decorations Close when Needed

Christmas, Easter and, for those that celebrate it, Halloween are the most decorated holidays and how we love adorning trees, fences and our home interiors with festive cheer. But when the festivities are over, what to do with the decorations? Normally, they get stuffed into bags or boxes and are then put in the darkest recesses of the garage or spare room until they need to be brought out again, often damaged. Storage facilities offer specialised options to make sure that what you need to be stored remains intact and readily available for the next festive occasion.

Elliott Offers Efficient Storage Solutions

Storage facilities are in high demand and Elliott can offer storage solutions for your prized possessions whether they need to be stored long-term or short-term. Whether you are moving home, require a solution for your prized collections until they find a permanent home or want to free up more space in your living environment, Elliott offers customers safe and secure storage solutions. Dust-free storage containers stored in controlled warehouses with 24-hour security provide peace of mind that your precious items are well looked after.