Storage Facilities in Gauteng

Storage Facilities in Gauteng

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Learn How You Can Keep Valuable Items in Safe Storage

If you have ever had to move and had to leave some of your belongings behind, you know how much it means to have secure storage. If you are looking for storage facilities in Gauteng, you might want to know which options are available. You cannot store a car and fine art in the same facility and most certainly cannot store your valuable Persian rug with your pot plants.

Storage Options in Gauteng

Storage units vary. You get indoor and outdoor, climate-controlled, greenhouse, and even containerised units. Self-storage is the most common type that people use. However, it is also the least secure type. As the security is not as high as you would get from using storage facilities provided by moving companies, you will want to make sure that the place you select has 24-hour security, access control, and good lockup systems. Below are some types of storage facilities available in Gauteng:

  • Boat units.
  • Climate-controlled units.
  • Truck and car units.
  • Self-storage units.
  • Greenhouse storage.
  • Business storage units.
  • Mobile units.

Vehicles and Boats

Owning a boat comes with the hassle of finding a safe place to store it. It can be stored at your home, but it takes up space. You might not want to leave it in the water at a port, so you would rather store it more securely in a big garage with access control. You might even have a car that you only use holiday seasons and keep at your holiday home for which you need storage facilities. Therefore, we offer storage facilities in Gauteng for trucks, cars, caravans, boats, and more.

The Reason for Climate-Controlled Units

For special items such as carpets, art, electronics, or anything else that may be damaged by the weather, climate-controlled units are ideal. The climate control keeps items from rusting, rotting, cracking, warping, or being devoured by insects. This feature is available for most indoor units, but also some outdoor units. Speak to our consultants about our available climate-controlled storage facilities in Gauteng.

Why Self-Storage Is So Convenient

Usually you will be able to access your belongings when you need to, whether it is early morning or even on a Sunday. You also can place almost anything you want in this type of container. Just remember that, if you have very easy access to the unit, so do other people. Generally, no one who does not rent a unit at a facility will be able to access the storage facilities, but anyone with units will have access. Thus, it may not be the safest option, but is still a good choice for items that are not so valuable. If you select self-storage facilities in Gauteng, make sure the facilities at least have CCTV monitoring in place.

Going Green

If you have a green thumb and want your precious plants to be taken care of while away on vacation, a greenhouse is the place for you. You can store various types of plants and have the assurance that the plants are watered and protected against the elements and insect infestations.

If You Own A Business

If you need to free up office space, having a place where you can store files and other equipment is essential. It also helps to know that there is security at the storage facilities in Gauteng and that nothing will go missing.

Mobile Storage

This type is most often used when moving. If you want to keep your items safe and be able to access them at a later stage, this is the way to go. You will not have unlimited access, but it will help if you are moving from one location to another and need temporary storage of your items. This type of storage is a good choice for people moving overseas or to another province in South Africa. With such storage, the container will be brought to you on request when you need to get your belongings back. This means you will not need to drive back all the way to your old neighbourhood to collect all the goods.

Do not sell things you may need later. Rather put them away and know that you can get to them again if you need the items. Make use of our wide range of storage facilities in Gauteng to keep your belongings safe.

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