Storage Facilities in Johannesburg

Storage Facilities in Johannesburg

Elliott Mobility storage facilities

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Free Up Space by Making Use of Storage Facilities in Johannesburg

Having too much stuff in your house or office can make it look cluttered and messy. People tend to hoard belongings without even realising they are doing so. Having old, unused, or rarely used items in the house takes up space. Storage facilities allow you to still collect things you love, while keeping your environment clean. You can also store other assets like cars, plants, paintings, sculptures, and carpets. The first step is to find and choose a storage facility that meets your requirements.

Storage Types

Although it may seem like storing everything at home is the easiest option as you can store everything under one roof, there is a better option. For example, if you keep all of your valuables in one place, and a storm hits, you could lose everything. Rather be safe and trust a company like us that work with packing and stacking storage daily. We have storage facilities in Johannesburg for your every need. Here are some of the options to consider:

Outdoor storage facilities are usually the cheapest and most common option. This type of storage is not specifically designed with temperature and climate control in mind. Remember that outdoor storage exposes your belongings to the natural elements. Items can be damaged by heat, cold, or dampness. Therefore, if you have valuables in storage, this might not be the best option.

Climate controlled storage is more expensive, but safer for your valuables. Storing items this way will protect valuables from mould, rats, bugs, rust, and structural collapse.

There are also storage facilities in Johannesburg for vehicles, boats, and caravans. You can also fit other things such as fishing gear, car parts, and travelling equipment in with your vehicle. With larger items like boats and additional vehicles out of the way, you can have a neat garage and driveway.

Greenhouse storage facilities are also an option. If you have a green thumb, and you are moving from a big farm or property to a small city apartment or house with a small garden, you can still keep your plants. You can store them in a greenhouse facility, where they can get the care they need, and you still get to see them grow. You can also sell the plants right from the storage facility.

Container storage facilities enable you to store crates or garage items in one place.

Store your extra items in a safe place. Call us for a quote and help getting your valuable items from your home to the safety of our storage facilities in Johannesburg.

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