International Moving – Transporting your Belongings Overseas

Many South Africans know a friend, colleague or relative who has opted for a new life overseas. During periods of financial difficulty and job shortages, emigration is often the only viable means to provide for one’s dependents. The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States are the more traditional destinations. However, there are now many opportunities in Asia and the EU and numerous international moving firms to assist with relocation. Perhaps you have decided to seek a new life in a foreign land. If so, you would probably like to take some of your more valuable possessions with you. On the other hand, maybe your company has offered you a lucrative promotion elsewhere in Africa. In either case, you may be wondering what to do about moving your belongings to another country.

The first and most crucial requirement is to begin planning well before your proposed departure date. Your plan will involve several steps that need careful attention to avoid problems with your international moving preparations. If you know someone who has had previous experience with the preparations for overseas relocation, don’t hesitate to ask for their advice. 

Your destination will play a significant role in determining the details of your move. For example, if you plan to set up your new home somewhere on the African continent, it might be feasible to transport your effects by road or rail. For intercontinental relocations, you must choose between air or sea freight. Whatever your choice, you will need to organise suitable transportation to and from the appropriate seaports or airports as part of your international moving plan. Let’s examine each option in more detail.

Land Freight

You might find it more cost-effective to hire a suitably-sized truck and drive your family and possessions to your new home in a single trip. Just remember to insure the contents as well. When dealing with a well-known rental company, it will generally be possible to return the leased vehicle to a local agent. However, you might prefer to avoid the heavy lifting and the hassles of packing and unpacking. In that case, you should consider engaging a professional removal company to handle your international moving tasks. For peace of mind, be sure to choose a certified carrier. Check online for independent reviews by previous clients. The company will have trained personnel to dismantle and reassemble furniture, deal with electrical equipment, and securely pack any delicate items to protect them en route. 

Shipping Your Belongings

Sea freight is undoubtedly the cheapest option for an overseas move and will include transport and container hire. A professional remover will deliver an empty container of a suitable size for your international moving requirements, pack it and convey it to the dock. Transporting goods overseas requires customs clearance, and a reputable carrier will undertake to prepare and submit all the necessary documentation on your behalf. If your load is insufficient to fill a container, your agent can arrange for you to share one, saving you some money. However, to avoid any hiccups, you should choose a removal company that can also provide storage and transport facilities at your destination port.

Air Freight

Marine transportation can add several weeks to your international moving schedule and may not always be the most convenient option. Nevertheless, flying your belongings thousands of miles also has some drawbacks. Firstly, it’s the most expensive option, and the airlines’ weight restrictions make this option unsuitable for shipping larger items. Nevertheless, if you have a limited time to begin a new job or occupy rented accommodation, it could be your best option. Selling some of those possessions that might be too big for the plane could help you meet the higher cost of air freight.

Special Items

Wherever you are headed, you are likely to need a car. If your new employer isn’t providing one, your international moving plans may need to include shipping your existing vehicle overseas. Once again, sea freight is the cheapest option, and there will be a host of paperwork to complete. If you have a much-loved pet or valuable artwork, these will also require careful handling.

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