What to expect on move-in day

  • The supervisor will make a written inventory and record the condition of all the items in your shipment
  • The insurance company will use these inventory sheets if you make a claim, so it is important that everything is listed and that you agree with the condition assigned to each item before it is loaded
  • Movers use codes to note the condition of items – ask them to explain the codes to you
  • If you do not agree with the supervisor’s assessment of any items, note your exceptions on the original inventory form
  • The supervisor will provide you with a copy of the inventory sheets after you sign them
  • Before the movers leave, they will ask you to sign a worksheet releasing your belongings to them for shipment.

There are several important things to do before the movers leave:

  • Take one final walk through your house to make sure nothing has been overlooked
  • Make sure the driver knows where you will be in transit and how to reach you at your destination
  • Get a scheduled arrival date and the name and number of your moving company representative.