What to Look for in International Moving Companies

We are living in a time when many South African breadwinners are finding it increasingly difficult to provide for their families. National unrest, job losses, and soaring prices have left many to consider relocating overseas. While job opportunities for those with suitable qualifications and experience are often plentiful, the cost of starting over in a new country can be considerable. Employing one of the nation’s international moving companies to transport your existing furniture and personal effects to your chosen destination offers a means to save some money. Furthermore, adjusting to life in a new country with different cultural norms can be challenging, so retaining a familiar setting in your new home could be a comfort. Whether or not this will be possible is likely to depend entirely on the efficiency of the contracted carrier. 

Except when sponsored by a resident relative, the decision to relocate overseas is generally motivated by a job offer. On arrival, and before one of the international moving companies may be due to deliver their belongings, the employer will generally offer the new arrivals temporary accommodation in a hotel. This undertaking allows the immigrant family a fixed period to find a suitable home to rent or buy. But, on moving day, they will want the reassurance of beds to sleep in and the various other comforts of home. Timing the crucial stages in an overseas move can be a logistical nightmare unless handled professionally. Consequently, there are a few questions for which you will need answers before you entrust your valuable household contents to one of South Africa’s international moving companies.

Is Your Proposed Mover Certified?

Much like the building trade, the removal industry offers plenty of opportunities for cowboys. A heavy-goods licence, a van with an impressive-looking logo and a website are no guarantee of dependable service. You want someone who can be relied upon to collect, transport, store, if necessary, and deliver your most precious possessions, undamaged, on the day you need them. Certification requires a carrier to meet acceptable defined standards set by a regulatory body that will decide whether or not to renew its licence. Limiting your search for international moving companies to those who meet the regulator’s requirements could save you a lot of frustration and heartache.

Choosing a certified mover will offer you these significant benefits. Firstly, your chosen company will be able to provide insurance against loss or damage. It will also have access to a warehouse facility which could prove invaluable for meeting your timetable. In short, certification means the service provider will accept liability for your effects. However, it will be wise to scrutinise the insurance conditions for any possible exceptions.

What Does Their Service Cover? 

The services provided by international moving companies vary, and some are more comprehensive than others. Any move can be stressful, but relocating your family to a new, unfamiliar country can present additional challenges. You will have travel arrangements to complete and perhaps passports to renew. You will want to spend time with the colleagues and friends you will be leaving behind. Preparing your possessions for the move takes time and may sometimes require professional expertise. Will your proposed carrier assist with packing and unpacking, disassembling and reassembling items, disconnecting and connecting kitchen appliances and electronics?

If you have bulky furniture, not all international moving companies have hoisting equipment to remove it via a window or balcony. Maybe, you are planning to take the family car. Can your carrier handle that also?  

What Should You Consider When Using Comparison Sites?

A new breed of websites is dedicated to helping consumers obtain quotes for services such as vehicle insurance, hotel bookings, and flights. Not surprisingly, there are also sites offering comparative quotes from removal firms. While the cost of your move will be a concern, its quality is more important. You will need to look beyond the price to identify a favourable quotation if you choose this route when comparing the services of international moving companies.

The Tried-and-Tested Solution

There’s only one choice if you want a company that will treat your prized possessions like their own while offering national coverage and a network of partners in 112 countries. Elliott ticks all of the above boxes. With accreditations from the FIDI Global Alliance and the Road Freight Association of South Africa, we are widely recognised as a world leader among international moving companies. If you are planning an overseas move, click here for more information or to request a quote.