What You Need To Know When Moving And Packing Antique Furniture

Things aren’t what they used to be. Household items break (or simply stop working) far too often and you’re lucky if those items had a warranty. Kitchen appliances tend to break or burn out after only two to three years, newer cars seem to have more problems than older models, and furniture wears out more quickly and goes out of style in the blink of an eye. It seems like the things we use today are of a lesser quality and break far too easily compared to the things we bought and used even just a decade or two ago. Even though on the surface it seems like modern appliances and household items are cheaper than what our parents or grandparents paid (adjusted for inflation), these costs can add up quickly. It’s something we in the moving and packing industry see time and again.

Hobbyists and collectors recognise the value of older household items, such as antique furniture, and have made it their duty and passion to collect, restore, and preserve antique furniture. There are also those of us who may have inherited an old couch, bed, or dresser that was used by our grandparents (or even older generations) and who have decided to preserve it for its sentimental value. While sentiment can also play a role in the motivations of collectors and hobbyists, the main reason why antique furniture is a popular collector’s item is craftsmanship and durability. These items were often painstakingly crafted by hand and only the best and most durable materials were chosen, as the objects being made were usually made to last. This process is lost in modern mass manufacturing, as most household items today are made to be cheap and easily replaceable.

How Antique Furniture Differs From Retro And Vintage Furniture

Antique furniture is not just furniture that is very old (technically it is, but we’ll get to that shortly). The most widely accepted criteria for something to be considered an antique is that it has to be older than 100 years. If something was made more recently, for example in the 60s or 70s, it might be considered retro or vintage. An object is considered to have a vintage quality if it is at least a few decades old (but less than the aforementioned criterion of antique furniture). The definition of “retro” is vaguer, as it also refers to older objects and styles, but it can also be applied to contemporary objects that imitate a style from a specific time period separate from our own. It is also important to note that the term “modern” refers to an artistic movement during the first half of the 20th Century, while the correct term for the age we are living in right now is “contemporary”.

Antique furniture is usually more robust and has built-in longevity due to the way it was made. Before we had machines that could churn out thousands of plywood couches and bedframes in a month, craftsmen used to take as much time required to carefully put items together. It is not uncommon for certain antiques to be instantly recognisable as having been made by a specific craftsman due to the style and techniques used. These artisans worked in a time where they could take pride in their work, and it was a mark of honour to have your name engraved on something that would be used for decades (and even centuries) to come.

Moving And Packing Antique Furniture Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Moving and packing antique furniture isn’t as complicated as you might think. All you need is the right company to do the moving and packing for you. That’s where we come in. Not only do we specialise in the moving and packing of antiques, but we also have access to high security storage compounds where you can store your goods safely without having to worry about damage or theft. Although your antique collectables are durable and timeless, we will still handle them with care and respect when moving and packing them. We understand that these objects represent a legacy that is far older than we are (and which might even outlive us). Antiques also have specific storage and packing requirements, which we will most likely be able to accommodate.

Whatever your moving and packing needs, we will deliver.