Who Can You Trust to Perform Your International Move?

Who Can You Trust to Perform Your International Move?

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We’ve all moved at some point, and probably the Cape Town to Johannesburg swap, or vice versa, would be one of the longest a South African can make. But, what if you are moving abroad? That’s a whole other ballgame and international removals from South Africa need to be extensively planned and facilitated by professionals. If professional expertise counts, it counts double when moving internationally. That said, with the right team behind you, there’s nothing to dread or fear about an international move. Simply put, with a domestic move, you just have to make sure you have keys to the new place and show up with your stuff.

International removals from South Africa, however, means you need detailed plans and timelines, arrange for specific packaging and transport (and possibly storage options), and deal with excise and customs. On top of this, you must ensure that all these functions together seamlessly, so that you hit the ground running on the other side. Some things are best left to the people who do them every day. When your worldly estate is in transit, you want to know that it’s in the best hands. International removals happen from and to South Africa – it’s not just a one-way street. There are several reasons why people move across the globe. Of course, there’s a steady stream of executives and others flitting between branches or countries with the big multinationals.


International Removals To and From South Africa Happen Every Day

A rather large number of people move internationally for work each year. Being an economic hub on the continent, South Africa sees more than its fair share of international removals. These are perhaps better facilitated by their companies than those relocating in their personal capacity and for their own reasons. Although, both will face similar issues that need to be sorted. As such, cross-border removals need to be meticulously planned and executed. The best international removals companies in South Africa have established channels to facilitate everything required of an international move. Rather than you having to scout for agents to deal with each step in the journey, international movers will have a well-oiled route to successful translocation, something that comes as huge added value when moving overseas. How do you recognise reputable companies with the right expertise? For one thing, consider their history and their presentation today.

Great international removals companies in South Africa will have a fine-tuned list of services guaranteed to surprise you (because they incorporate services that they know you’ll consider, due to years of experience). Everything about their approach is focused on service delivery, from the first visit when they display their range of services, to the appearance of their vehicles and staff. When it comes to international removals, you can easily spot an organised and professional outfit. Another key identifier is transparency. You need to know exactly what’s going to happen and when, and the costs involved. There can be no ambiguity about where things are or extraneous charges when moving abroad. This can cause a great deal of stress. Professional international movers will ask the same question in several different ways to ensure that they understand your needs as clearly as possible.


Elliott is Your International Removals Partner in South Africa

Elliott has earned a great name in international removals, and we’re proud to say we’ve been in the removals trade for over 65 years. You can safely conclude that the only way a removals company can be at the top of their game, after so many years, is because we have a comprehensive service offering that meets our customers’ every need. We ensure that you are supported during your big move, not only with the initial planning and budgeting but also with additional services, such as finding an ideal home and good schools in your preferred area.

The way we structure our services also benefits you on price, because we don’t compel clients to choose from a limited number of bundled packages, but rather from the entire range of services, each carefully costed and contributing to an affordable experience all round. Call Elliott when it’s time to move, and we’ll ensure that international removals are pleasant experiences, no matter which direction you’re headed!

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