Your Next Office Move Should Be Done Through Elliott

Your Next Office Move Should Be Done Through Elliott

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Moving from house to house can be a daunting prospect for the inexperienced mover. Moving from one office to another can be even more so, especially if you consider the sheer size of some offices and the fact that the company will have to be very delicate during the moving process, lest they disrupt their operations for longer than what is necessary. There is a right way and a wrong way to approach this type of relocation, and the wrong choice can have unnecessary consequences for your company. Choosing a professional moving company like Elliott is already a step in the right direction, as we will support you through the entire process. This is a mini guide to help your office move to new premises and to ensure it happens without any hassles and minimal risk.

How to Ensure Your Office Move goes Smoothly

We always make sure to inform our customers that they are more than welcome to do everything themselves, such as packing the boxes before they get loaded onto the moving truck and then again unpacking after the boxes have been unloaded. However, we do not recommend it. That being said, if your office needs to move and you prefer to enlist the services of a reputable moving company to get the job done, then we can take care of everything. You should keep the below in mind when you are organising and planning an office move.

  • Work out the logistics. One factor that many companies tend to ignore is the fact that moving the entire company and all of its furniture at once may pose certain concerns, especially when operations need to shut down for an extended period due to a lack of planning. An office move takes time to organise and proper planning should account for any work disruptions, however temporary they may be. You need to consider this before reaching out to your moving company to get the process started.

  • Take an inventory of the office. Our boxing and packaging estimates are based on your inventory list. Take an inventory of every chair, table, computer, and piece of stationery in the office. Make sure to include hard-copy documents and folders (if your company still uses those), as well as equipment and décor, like the kitchen appliances and smaller pieces, such as lamps and vases in the workspace. You need to be thorough to ensure that enough boxes are made available and that nothing gets left behind.

  • Get a quote and submit special requests. In order to get an accurate idea of what the cost of the move will be, you will need to make sure that all the information you provide is as accurate as possible and that you include any special requests, such as the dismantling and reassembling of furniture and electronics or placing certain items in storage. You can give us specific instructions, such as where to put specific boxes in the new workspace and which items we need to load or unload first or last. The more we know, the better we can help you (and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your requests).

  • Furniture dismantling and assembly. Decide whether you would like Elliott’s team of experienced movers to dismantle and assemble your workplace furniture. Our team can make sure that the new office space is ready for employees to use and enjoy when everyone returns to work.

  • Storage. We have storage facilities available to accommodate your office belongings that you will not be bringing to your new workspace. Our storage units are secure and under 24/7 surveillance and we have bespoke solutions available for short-, mid-, and long-term storage.

If it Seems too Daunting, Leave it to Us!

Your office move does not have to be turbulent and stressful. On the contrary, you and your team deserve to thrive in a new environment and should therefore get all the support you need to ensure the relocation effort is a complete success. Let Elliott manage your office move for you, from before we set foot in your workspace and until the relocation is finished.

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