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Elliott has over 77 years’ experience

Established in 1947, Elliott boasts 77 years of industry expertise, featuring an extensive network of top-tier global partners and branches across South Africa. Our team comprises highly skilled, in-house professionals dedicated to corporate, business, international, and national relocations. We offer comprehensive premium services designed to guarantee a seamless moving experience.

Our Commitment Is To Provide A Quality Moving Service Of Lasting Value

Elliott is driven by innovation and a passion for excellence. We are dedicated to incorporating cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking solutions to reduce not only risk but also your overall cost. We approach every move with the highest ethical and professional standards, always treating people and goods with care, courtesy and consideration.

Our promise is to always act responsibly and carefully regarding our organisation’s environmental impact. We see it as our duty to minimise our impact on the planet and conserve it, which is why we’ve created an environmental policy that guides everything we do.



We are committed to acting responsibly and conscientiously regarding our organisation's environmental footprint. Our duty is to reduce our impact on the earth and preserve it for future generations. We have therefore established an environmental policy that guides our actions and decisions.



Envirowise boxes are entirely reusable and recyclable, and even have unique numbered seals to make sure that your goods are kept safe and organised.

Board Members

Tom Ansley Chairman
Brad Barker Chief Operating Officer
Lloyd Hudson Chief Financial Officer

Team Elliott

The Executive Board is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards and has collectively in excess of 80 years’ industry experience. The board meets regularly to drive the strategic impetus of the Group, and with the backing of the best in industry staff and management team, the Group and brand continue to grow from strength to strength.


Jackie Abrahamse Resource Manager
Bobby Bedhasi Operations Manager Gauteng
Paul Benzie General Manager Coastal Operations
Regan Bosch Insurance and Customer Service Manager
Jackie Abrahamse Resource Manager
Paul Benzie General Manager: Private Relocation
Jasmine Bronson Marketing Manager
Jasmine Bronson Marketing Manager
Rolien Croeser Financial Manager
Paul Petzer General Manager Business Relocation and Fine Arts
Caren Stander Systems Manager
Caren Stander Systems Manager
Michelle van Wyk General Manager:
Business Relocation and Fine Arts
Lizette van Zyl General Manager:
International Partners

The Elliott Management Committee (‘MANCO’) have collectively been with the Group for over 122 years and will attest to the fact that once you join this amazing! company, you do not want to leave. We are privileged to have the best and most experienced management team in the industry. Our team is unquestionably our most valuable resource and what makes Elliott truly amazing!

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Thank you for your interest in our removal services. Unfortunately, we no longer offer local/middle-distance removal services in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal. With recent changes to our business, our focus is now solely on long-distance and international removals, and as a result, we cannot provide you with a quote for your move. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Please let us know if you have any further questions or require assistance.