Get Expert Help with Office Furniture Removal from Elliott

If you had to make a list of all the tasks that you hate doing in life but unfortunately have to do from time to time – like getting your car serviced, going to the bank, mowing the lawn, going to the dentist, or filing your taxes – what are the chances that moving makes it onto your list? What are the chances that your employees feel the same? Do not put the burden of moving office furniture on your employees. Rather get expert help with your office furniture removal and relocation. 

Is there something that you consider yourself to be a bit of an expert in? Maybe you are a pro with a computer, know a lot about car engines, are a landscaping expert, or have studied the art of cooking intensively. Well, if you were to ask us what we are experts in, it is office furniture removal and relocation. 

What Are the Benefits of Getting Professional Help with Furniture Removal? 

When it comes to hiring professionals to get expert help with office furniture removal and to help you move to your new location, here are a few benefits to consider:

  • The chances of any belongings getting damaged are reduced. 
  • Reduced chances of scratching and damaging floors and doorways.
  • You get things done faster and more efficiently.
  • Your items are insured against damage – if you DIY your move and something gets damaged in the process, there is not much you can do. By hiring the experts though, your belongings will be insured, and you can claim for it.
  • Professional movers have the right equipment for a successful and seamless relocation. 
  • They can provide the packaging material needed.
  • The experts can supply you with the best furniture removal and moving plan.
  • You do not have any added pressure on you during the move. 
  • Your employees do not lose valuable work time while packing and moving office equipment and possessions. You get to focus on what is most important in your company.
  • It is better for your employees’ mental health, as well as your own. People tend to find moving quite stressful, and stress can take its toll on your health. Outsourcing your move and getting expert help with office furniture removal means that you will not have to go through the anxiety and stress associated with moving, and neither will your employees. 
  • You do not risk personal injury for you or your employees during the move. The last thing you want is for an employee to incur a back injury while helping with the move. Reduce your risk of being responsible for any on-the-job injuries and rather get expert help with office furniture removals. 
  • Professional moving companies are better to use for long-distance moves. If you are only moving a short distance away, doing a few trips back and forth with a trailer or bakkie does not seem that bad, but if you need to complete a long-distance move, then this simply will not be practical. Hiring professional movers is definitely the best option. 
  • When you hire a professional moving company to help with your furniture removal and relocation, you know exactly who you can hold accountable during the move and avoid any confusion. 

Contact Us If You Need Office Furniture Removal Services

Contact our team at Elliott and get expert help with office furniture removal. Yes, we are experts – experts you can trust. 

Our company was first established in 1947, which means we have been in the industry for over 65 years. Over time, we have learned many lessons and refined our furniture removal and relocation techniques and skills. We have time, experience, and a great team on our side.

We have grown into one of the top furniture removal and relocation companies in the world. See why we say that you can trust us? We have the experience to back up our claim. 

We have multiple branches located across South Africa, but we operate across the globe, so we can easily assist when your company needs to relocate to a different part of the world. You can expect nothing but world-class service when you rely on our team at Elliott for your office furniture removal and relocation.