Reliable Moving Company in Pretoria

How to Find a Reliable Moving Company in Pretoria

Packing, transporting, and moving to a new location can be challenging, thus finding a reliable moving company in Pretoria should be the top priority for your next move. The keyword is reliable, as Pretoria has several furniture removal companies, but who can you trust? You do not want to get to your new address, just to note that your heirloom fine dining set is in pieces and your chesterfield leather couch misses a foot piece. However, doing everything yourself can be a daunting task. Getting quotes from multiple places for moving services makes it possible to weigh the options in finding a reliable moving company in Pretoria that suits your needs.

Expert Advice on How to Select Reliable Movers in Pretoria

Do not just settle for a mediocre service because it is cheap or a friend recommends it. You need to consider numerous factors if you want to find a reliable moving company in Pretoria. Pricing is a huge part of the decision as your budget determines what you consider to be affordable. However, going on cost alone will not do you any good. A cheap upfront estimate can easily turn into a startling shock later if you have not done your research well. Here is some advice to assist you in choosing a trustworthy service provider:

  • Ask your estate agent to refer a furniture removal company, browse the Internet, and consult colleagues to get an idea of which companies are mentioned most.
  • Get online quotes for moving services, but also make sure to have the short-listed movers do a home check to give you more accurate estimates of what it will cost for the move.
  • Inspect the company’s policies and check that they have a legit insurance provider to cover costs in case of damage or loss of items.
  • Verify the office location given on their site and be weary of an overeager mover that wants you to pay large amounts upfront without the company already having a proven track record of reliable moving services in Pretoria.
  • Rather select a reliable furniture removal company that has been in the business for a while than a brand new one because experience makes a difference.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions to get an idea of the type of customer care you can expect.

Moving Services on Offer

If you have never worked with a furniture removal company in Pretoria, or you have, but only to transport goods from one point to the next, you are missing out. With the right service provider, you do not have to lift a finger for the relocation if you do not want to. Moving is not just about the transportation of furniture. It entails everything from packing to unpacking, planning the move, getting packing materials, storing goods, getting items to the storage unit, transporting house plants, and getting pets safely to the new destination. By knowing which services are available, it is easier to budget for the process and save time when necessary. See the list below to know what a proper experienced and reliable furniture removal company has to offer:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Handyman and cleaning services
  • International moving assistance
  • Office relocations and furniture removals
  • Fine art solutions
  • Multiple storage options
  • Transporting of your pets
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Transporting your belongings to your new location

Taking Inventory

An important task of reputable movers is to take stock of all the items in your home or office that must be transported. You receive a copy of the list to sign, ensuring nothing is missed and all your belongings arrive safely. This is a vital step to make sure that in the unlikely event that insurance is needed, a claim can be made and damages covered. However, with a company that has been around for ages, a solid reputation, and experienced staff, the risks of anything happening to your belongings is significantly reduced. Taking inventory also helps to determine cost and thus avoid unpleasant furniture removal expense surprises. Do not hide anything when the home survey is done, as it makes the estimate less accurate in the end.

Communicate Loud and Clear

When a consultant visits your home to check your belongings, they should ask questions. Therefore, it is up to you to make sure they know exactly what needs to go onto the truck, what you will move yourself, and what you plan to get rid of beforehand. This will affect the quote and the list of items the movers will have for their record. The little bit of effort and attention to detail are essential for accurate costing and the safe delivery of your valuable items to your new home in Pretoria. If you are unsure about anything regarding the procedure on the actual moving day, packing ahead or how your precious pets will be treated, it is a good time for you to gather all the information you require by asking questions.

Read the Fine Print Wisely

When you receive a contract or any papers to sign, read all the way through. If anything is vague or you do not understand something, get a second opinion from a person you know. Go through the inventory list and check that all the necessary items are listed as this is the only way for you to hold the movers responsible for the safe arrival of all goods. A reliable moving company in Pretoria should list additional charges on the contract that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. It is always better to ask questions and be sure of every step that will be taken than it is to blindly hope for the best.

Do Not Wait to Report Issues

For any moving service, there is a set number of days in which you can report on problems that you may not have noticed directly after the relocation has been completed. Find out within how many days after the move you can report on missing and damaged items. Inspect all the merchandise before the due date. Do not delay in unpacking belongings as you need to report issues within the given time frame. The sooner you can confirm that all your valuables have been safely delivered and in the same condition as prior to the move, the better.

If you know that you are someone who really dislikes having to do the tedious job of going through all the boxes and crates, then it might be in your interest to add that service to your budget plan. Never be afraid of offending someone by asking where something is that they have transported. Reliable movers will gladly assist in checking that your belongings are present and secure as this is something that affects their reputation and your recommendation of them.


Storage is an Option

Sometimes, it is easier to leave boxes unopened due to the fact that you do not have space for all the items in your home. Another reason for this could be that they are packed with sentimental items and not things you use daily. Instead of cluttering the new abode with all kinds of unnecessary items, consider placing these in storage.  Of course, you can always get rid of furniture or old art that you have collected over the years, but you do not have to. If you can have faith in a company to transport your life’s possessions, you can trust them to store some of the items as well.

Where to Start

Get in touch with Elliott as a reliable moving company in Pretoria to start your journey the right way.