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The Right Moving Company

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How to Make Sure You Choose the Right Moving Company

Planning a move is no easy task. In fact, many studies have confirmed that this is one of the most stressful activities a person can go through. Considering the many ways in which a change like this impacts our psychological state, this is no surprise. Whether we realise this or not, it is a very emotional experience, with varying levels of uncertainty, loss and frustration added to the mix. This does not even include the reasons that may have contributed to the need to relocate.

While dealing with all of this, you also have to manage the intricate logistics involved, on top of the regular demands of everyday life. It can get a bit much. This is why it is highly recommended to partner with a professional moving company that has the necessary experience, knowledge and resources to handle the move. The ideal partner will reduce the amount of stress you experience significantly, while also saving you plenty of time and effort.

Now, while the idea sounds absolutely ideal, the truth is that not all moving companies offer the same quality of service or even the same set of services. The last thing you want is to partner with a moving company that does not pull their weight. So how do you know which of the many service providers available to choose?

Here are some questions you should ask when browsing the marketplace to help you make sure you choose the right moving company to meet your needs:

Do They Have Experience?

This should always be the very first question you ask. There are many companies and individuals out there who offer moving services, but to facilitate a stress-free move, you need more than some guy with a truck. For complete peace of mind, choose a moving company that has extensive experience in executing successful moves, as well as the correct equipment needed to relocate you and all your belongings safely and efficiently.

Do They Offer Assistance with Planning the Move?

The success of a move is determined long before moving day. Proper planning means that when the big day arrives, you simply need to go through the necessary motions. Instead of having to find time in your busy schedule, find a moving company that uses their expertise to plan your move around your unique needs. After all, they are meant to be the professionals.

Will They Do the Packing?

Packing up all your possessions is a massive task. It requires a lot more thought than simply chucking everything into boxes. There needs to be some sort of logical system, and fragile items need to be wrapped and packed carefully. Instead of spending weeks doing it yourself, choose a moving company that offers professional packing as part of their service. They will get it done in no time.

Can They Relocate Your Pet?

Your pet is part of your family and deserves only the best. A move can be very stressful for these furry friends, and they need special care during relocation. This becomes even more important if you are moving across the country or abroad. Not all moving companies specialise in pet relocations, so choose carefully to make sure you find a service provider who offers this service and who you trust completely with your furry friend.

Do They Provide Vehicle Transport?

If you have more than one vehicle, own a collection of investment vehicles, or simply do not want to drive to a remote destination, you will have to find a moving company that specialises in the transportation of vehicles. Also be sure to check whether they will deliver the vehicle to your door, or whether you have to pick it up at a depot (and whether this depot is conveniently located).

Do They Have Experience in Moving Fine Art?

Antiques and fine art collections are often invaluable and irreplaceable. Even the tiniest scratch, knock or dent could have a detrimental effect on the value of a piece. Because of this, the packing and transport of fine art require special care and expertise. Do not charge any regular mover with your valuable collection. Choose a service provider that offers a specialised fine art relocation service.

Do They Go the Extra Mile?

So, you have identified more than one possible moving company that you are considering. How to choose? Moving can be a very taxing and expensive exercise, so compare the added value services they offer. Will your moving company offer handyman or valet services upon arrival at your destination? How about helping you get acquainted with your new community and surroundings? Added value services can make all the difference.

Do They Have Their Own Fleet?

While certain service offerings – like vehicle transport or pet relocation – might require the involvement of third-party service providers, you would want to minimise the amount of interaction with service providers that you have not directly engaged with. This ensures higher accountability and trust. Check whether your service provider uses their own fleet or sources out this aspect of moving.

Can You Track Your Move?

Transporting the contents of an entire household can take time, especially when moving across the country or abroad. Given the technology we have at our disposal today, there is no need for you to be left in the dark about where your move is during this journey. See whether your moving company of choice offers you the ability to track your move while in transit.

Do They Offer Storage Facilities?

There could be circumstances that mean your possessions cannot immediately go to your destination home. This could be because the place is not yet ready for occupation, you want to do some renovations, or you are not immediately going to your new home. In this case, it might be necessary to arrange for temporary storage of your possessions. Instead of involving a different service provider, see if your moving company offers safe and secure storage facilities.

Do They Offer Insurance Cover?

While you will no doubt choose a moving company that you trust, the truth is that there is always a possibility that something can go wrong along the way. This, however, does not mean that you should suffer because of it. Make sure that you choose a company that has proper and sufficient insurance policies in place to protect your interest.

Do They Handle International Moves?

Moving abroad is a whole other ball game than moving within the same country and requires a selection of additional services. Whether you are moving to South Africa from another country or vice versa, it is vital that you choose a moving partner that has experience in handling international moves and can guide you through this complicated process with ease.

Will They Provide a Detailed Quote?

Sure, there is a lot on your mind during the process of planning and executing a move. However, this does not mean you should gloss over the details. In fact, paying attention to the details can save you a lot of time, money and effort later on. Make sure your mover is able to provide you with a detailed quote that stipulates which services are included to avoid future disappointment or frustration.

For a full-service moving company that ticks each and every one of the boxes above, contact Elliott Mobility.

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