Furniture Removals in Pretoria

Why You Need A Site Visit for An Accurate Quote on Furniture Removals in Pretoria

Getting an accurate quote for furniture removals in Pretoria using the conventional inventory-based quote-request system does not work. Here is why:

  • Limited space to list unique items.
  • No provision for challenges with furniture removals in Pretoria, such as access to estates.
  • You cannot describe some of your unique items and their sizes using just the form.
  • It does not provide you with flexible moving dates.
  • You need to know beforehand how many plastic crates and boxes there will be.
  • You need to be an expert in calculating what is needed.

If you have completed one of the standard forms for furniture removals in Pretoria, you already know these challenges. For one, you may stay in a townhouse complex in the east of Pretoria and want to move to a house in an estate to the north of the city. You must keep in mind that Pretoria is known for its tree-lined streets and this applies to most townhouse complexes as well. Are there trees that will prevent the truck from parking nearby? Do you have to make special arrangements for access to the estate? At what time must you vacate the current property? Do you even know the exact date of the move? Since it is wise to request furniture-removal quotes well ahead of time, you probably do not yet have answers to all these questions when you complete the form and you are bound to get an inaccurate quote because of it.

Is there a solution?

Yes. For one, use a company that has done many furniture removals in Pretoria and understands the unique challenges of moving house in the city. Secondly, use a company that does a free site visit to ensure the consultant understands your exact moving needs. Show the consultant all items that must be moved and indicate which are excluded from the move. Be prepared to answer questions and freely discuss your budget limitations. As long as you are realistic, you can expect the moving company to stay within the limits. The consultant will give you advice on how to reduce the cost of moving and qualify for a lower furniture-removal quote. Discuss the issue of dates and a suitable timeframe. If you are more flexible in terms of moving house in the week as opposed to a weekend, you can get a lower quote.

Who should you use?

Get in touch for your obligation-free quote for furniture removals in Pretoria. Elliott Mobilty’s consultant will assess your exact moving needs and help you to get and accurate estimate.