Expert Moving Companies

What to Do Before the Expert Moving Companies Arrive

To effortlessly relocate to your new destination, use one of the expert moving companies. Moving is not always easy, but it can be less stressful when you have help from one of the expert moving companies like Elliott Mobility. As long as you do all your preparations well-ahead of time, the movers will do the rest.

Seven Tasks to Complete Before Your Move

Follow these seven pre-move tips to help streamline the move:

  • Ask what can or cannot be loaded onto, and transported in, the moving trucks.
  • Get insurance for the goods in transport.
  • De-clutter your home.
  • Make provision for your pets.
  • Watch the weather channel.
  • Prepare a checklist.
  • Prepare your house.

Do You Have Plants, Pets, or Vehicles?

If you do, none of those can go in the back of the moving truck. However, there is no need to stress. Expert moving companies can also safely transport plants and pets, in addition to vehicles. Ask beforehand about the associated costs and plan accordingly. When you use Elliott Mobility, one of the expert moving companies in South Africa, you can even have your houseplants stored in greenhouse facilities.

Are All of Your Belongings Insured?

Insurance is a necessity for any move, whether big or small, unless you do not mind spending large amounts on repairing and rebuying lost, broken, or stolen items. However, if you do use a reputable expert moving company, it is not likely that any items will be lost. That said, it is always wise to take out insurance for valuables in transit. Expert moving companies also have insurance, so ask about the coverage when requesting quotes.

Do You Really Need Everything That Is in Your House?

No one wants to move into a new house and immediately feel as if there is not enough space. Being cramped from the beginning is not the best way to settle in. That is why you need to sort through everything. Throw out, sell, and give away the things that you do not use or need. It will save you money on the moving cost, and it will reduce the risk of having excess clutter at your new abode.

No One is Left Behind

There is no way that you would leave your animals or kids behind. Make sure that you pack a bag with things they might need for the trip and for the first day at the new home. Engage the kiddies lock in the car, and make sure your furry friends and children are safe and comfortable during the trip.

Weather Can Be Very Unkind

If you do not watch the news or weather channel regularly, start now. It is important to have an idea of the type of weather that you will have on moving day. Prepare for various types of weather situations, to prevent unpleasant surprises and possible damage to your belongings. Also, remember that it is not safe to drive in windy or rainy weather. If you see that you will have bad weather on moving day, stay in a hotel or guesthouse for the day, instead of driving long distance.

Have You Checked Everything?

You need to make a checklist for before and after the move. Expert moving companies have inventory lists, but you also need to have one for yourself. Check that all your boxes are labelled properly, overnight bags are packed, and the car is properly serviced. Check that everything on the list has been loaded.

Is Your House Clean and Clear of Hazards?

You want to prevent damage to your current house. The movers will not intentionally cause damage, but if there are items lying around, they can trip and fall. Pick up everything from the floor, and organise boxes and furniture pieces in a way that creates a clear route to and from the truck. Put down welcome mats for dirt, and throw protective covers over the floor. Take down doors if you have bulky furniture pieces that will not fit through the doorways

A Final Tip

Get help from one of the expert moving companies regarding help with planning, packing, storing, and transporting your belongings. Use Elliott Mobility to ensure a streamlined move.