Elliott Should Be Your Moving Company of Choice in Pretoria

The world is in turmoil. If it is not diplomatic squabbles that are escalating into armed conflict, it is a deadly disease outbreak or significant droughts. During times like these, it helps to know that there are service providers that you can still trust and rely on. Companies like Elliott actively work to create a safe and trusting environment in which customers can thrive. It is not enough for us to achieve new heights – we truly believe in creating a better world, or at the very least contributing to making it a better place. We do this by being a moving company that is consistent and by being a beacon of progress in our industry. We know our clients in Pretoria place their trust in us and we are always dedicated to providing them with services that are of the utmost quality.

You should thus consider making Elliott your moving company of choice in Pretoria – not only because we provide a comprehensive service offering and competitive prices, but also because we focus on you – the customer. Here is why you can trust Elliott in Pretoria to tend to your next relocation, whether it is local or international.

Why You Can Trust Elliott

After a prosperous 75-year run in the industry, we have perfected our service offering and have positioned ourselves as a company that prioritises our customers above all else. Our company is built on the idea that our customers always come first and should be treated as the heart and soul of our business. The list below is illustrative of why Elliott is a moving company you can depend on and why you can trust us.

  • We are capable of taking on any job. No move is too big or too small for us. We possess the equipment and the manpower to facilitate moves of varying sizes in the Pretoria area, from small, local moves from one house to another to cross-country office moves or international relocations. We use specialised equipment and storage facilities to ensure that your valuables are handled with care during the process.

  • Our services are affordable. While we constantly tailor our service offering to suit our customers’ needs, we are also actively seeking ways to make these services more competitive. You shouldn’t have to break the bank when moving from A to B.

  • We offer insurance. While we acknowledge that there is a risk during the relocation process, we also want to emphasise that Elliott takes extra care to reduce this risk as much as possible. We are responsible for ensuring that the move goes smoothly, and we work hard to render our services without a hitch. In the event that something does go wrong, we do offer (and recommend) insurance packages for every eventuality. Our customers are more than welcome to take out insurance for their move through their own insurance company or a third party, but then the service they receive from their insurer in the event of a claim is out of our hands. When customers in Pretoria insure with us, they can deal with us directly.

  • Our customer service is impeccable. Since our customers are the largest pillar upon which we have built our business, it is exceptionally important that we uphold excellent customer service for our clients in Pretoria and elsewhere. We treat you and your belongings with the greatest care and respect. If you are not happy with our work, we will pay attention to it to ensure that it is resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.

Choose an Established and Reliable Moving Company in Pretoria

Choose Elliott. We are a moving company that is here for you. We are a firmly established industry leader, and pride ourselves in offering a specialised, reliable and quality service to our customers. Our experience does not just come from being in the industry for as long as we have, however. Our expertise and reliability have risen out of decades of hard work and dedication to what we do, but also our commitment to producing consistent results and adapting our skills and knowledge to suit the current times.

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