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Furniture Removal and Storage


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Planning Tips for Furniture Removal and Storage

Moving day can be hectic for anyone and accidentally leaving one of your belongings behind is always a possibility. By making a checklist of the boxes packed, and not having loose items lying around, you can prevent losses. However, there are far more important things you need to remember before and during a move. For one, you need to book furniture removal services and then make the necessary arrangements for storage of items, which you want to keep, but don’t want to take along just yet.

Helpful Moving Day Tips

If you have that nagging feeling that you are forgetting something, you probably are and should review your checklist just to make sure. Of course, you need a checklist first. Grab a piece of paper and write down the tasks that must be done. Don’t leave out the details. If you plan and stay organised, the move might not be so overwhelming. Take all the things you are not planning to throw away, but don’t want to move to the new home, to storage. You can do so before you request a furniture removal quote, or you can separate items for furniture removal and storage ahead of time.

Set the Date

It is paramount to decide on a day for the move in advance. By doing this, you have enough time to look for dependable furniture removal and storage companies. It also allows you to do price shopping and gives you the opportunity to decide which services you want to use. Furniture removal companies offer several services including storage, moving your items to such facilities, packing, unpacking, pet relocation, plant storage in greenhouse facilities, and more.

Store Items You Don’t Need

If you plan on putting a few of your items in storage, it is a good idea to find a place close to your current home. You never know when you might want to use something that has been packed away. There are many storage options, best discussed with experienced furniture removal providers.

Fast-Food Meals are Expensive

When you pack, clean and arrange things, it can be easier to order take out. However, it is more cost-efficient to prepare meals at home. On moving day, you need to remove food from the fridge to clean the fridge before the appliance can be transported. If you want a fresh start in your new home, you might as well eat all the leftovers and raid the cupboards before you go.

Where Did You Put the Hair Dryer?

Unless you plan to open all the boxes and crates on arrival, you should have essentials in a suitcase. Pack a fresh set of clothing for the next day. Remember your toothbrush and toothpaste. Have all the necessities you might need in the first few days separate from your other luggage. Make sure you have bowls, leashes and pet food close by if your furry friends are travelling with you.

Spiders and Sharp Objects

Sometimes we have boxes that haven’t been opened since last Christmas. These might harbour scary bugs. It takes just one small opening for a creepy-crawly to make its way in. For safety, wear gloves when you unpack. Knives and other sharp objects may also pose a safety hazard. You never know when a sharp item might be hiding beneath your belongings.

Candles for Lights

Packing candles and matches with your overnight bag is never a bad idea. However, avoiding the disappointment of not having electricity for a week is even better. Transfer your utilities as soon as possible so that you don’t pay the next homeowner or tenant’s account. Not having water is also inconvenient. Imagine working with dusty boxes and sweating all day, just to find out you cannot even wash your hands or that you have to shower in cold water. It is thus best to make sure the utilities are switched on.

Be Prepared

Make lists and call our furniture removal and storage team today. We provide you with a free on-site assessment to ensure you get an accurate quote. Our service offering is extensive and includes from packing to storing, pet relocation, vehicle transport, furniture removal and storage to unpacking, and relocation assistance.

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