Hire a Moving Company

Hire a Moving Company and Lose the Clutter

If you are getting ready for a new house, make sure that you hire a moving company, sooner rather than later. Tons of planning go into relocation, including knowing what to keep and what to throw out. Throw out the junk before you get the movers to do a home survey. A neater and more organised home will help you get an accurate quote. You can save money the right way with a hassle-free move and experts at your beck and call when you hire a moving company.

7 Packing Tips to Keep Your Wallet Full

Having enough time to prepare for relocation is one of the most important rules of packing. However, having that luxury isn’t always possible. Sometimes, you are put in a position where you have limited time to find a new home and move out from your existing one. Thus, you need to think about the second most important rule. Don’t panic. Instead, hire a moving company. If you get all riled up, thinking straight becomes difficult. Everything will be a mess from start to finish.

Herewith seven incredibly helpful tips to streamline the packing process and reduce costs in the process.

  • Prepare a packing post.
  • Create sections for trash, charity, and sales items.
  • Use what is available, but don’t compromise on quality.
  • Sell all the non-essentials.
  • Think about the weight of your belongings.
  • Use crates instead of boxes where possible.
  • Hire help if needed.


Relax and Pack

As mentioned, you want to be calm for a successful move. Running around looking for the scissors or tape can frustrate anyone. Thus, keeping all the packing items in a designated space is a great idea. This saves time and money from having to drive to the nearest shop and replace items you already have at home. Your station should have rubbish bags, cutting tools, labels, bubble wrap, moving paper, boxes or crates, tape, and wet wipes.


Sort It Out

You may have furniture pieces and items lying around the house, which really need to go. By sorting the trash from valuables, you can make a coin or two from the clutter. Have a box for broken, stained and worn-out items, a box for usable, but not worth selling items, and the last one for the items you can sell at the flea market or perhaps at a pawn shop if you run out of space or want to save on furniture removal costs. This way, you get rid of the muddle and knock a few zeros off the furniture removal bill.

Use What You Have Available

Yes, you can get boxes for free, whereas crates cost money. However, some treasures are at risk of damage in the flimsy boxes from the convenience store. Use plastic or wooden containers that you already have on hand to save on costs.

Clean Out the Garage

If you feel the new house might be a little crammed with all your furniture, it is time to clean out the garage. Items that you haven’t used in a long time will still be on the shelf, gathering dust in a different home. Why not use the opportunity to gain a few rands, which can be used as part of the deposit when you hire a moving company? After all, if everything left in your house is going to the new location, you can hire a moving company to do the tedious job of packing for you.

The Scale Doesn’t Lie

Of course, we all want to believe that the scale lies. This is the time to believe it is telling the truth. It is not only the size that matters but also weight. The consultant considers the weight when working out the quote. Do not overload the boxes as you don’t want to end up with broken boxes and items scattered all over the floor or pavement.

Hire a Moving Company to Handle the Packing and Transportation Processes

Don’t be a one-man band. Hire a moving company and get the job done faster and more efficiently. Get in touch for fast, friendly and professional assistance with furniture removals anywhere in South Africa. Contact our team at Elliott Mobility today.