How to Get More Accurate Furniture-Removal Quotes

How to Get More Accurate Furniture-Removal Quotes

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Part of moving house entails getting accurate furniture removal quotes, but most companies ask you to complete their generic inventory forms from which they calculate their quotes. The problem with this approach is that every house move is unique. Even if there is space on a form for items not on the list, how do you explain that you have an outsize handmade wooden chair? And what if your coffee table is tiny, but you are charged a standardised coffee-table rate? Additionally, you may have modern, memory-foam mattresses instead of spring mattresses that are lighter and take up less space, but you are charged according to the average. It does not seem fair and you might decide to go with a less reputable company simply because the options for furniture-removal quotes from some of the national movers do not cater to your needs. What to do?

Pre-Move Survey

To get a more accurate furniture removal quote, start by choosing a moving company that understands the problem with conventional furniture removal estimates. This helps the moving company understand the layout, number of items, and more. The pre-move survey should cover the following:

  • Special items, such as the cat’s activity tree or the dogs’ beds.
  • The number of furniture pieces that must be moved.
  • Estimate of how many boxes you will need for packing and moving.
  • Estimate of the number of boxes to be moved.
  • Determining the number of plastic crates required.
  • Assessment of the number of items to be moved.
  • Assessment of items to be moved to storage.
  • Assessment of special requests, such as houseplant moving or temporary storage.
  • Understanding the house layout and identification of problem areas.
  • Determining if tree branches must be trimmed for access.
  • Discussion of arrangements, such as permission for movers to get into an estate.
  • Determining the distance movers must carry items to the truck.
  • Discussing satellite-dish removal.
  • Explaining the process.
  • Addressing your concerns.

Any such, visits to discuss furniture-removal quotes should last at least an hour, depending on your needs and the size of the property. The move consultation and furniture-removal quotes should be obligation-free. Ensure you get an accurate quote from the consultant by following the guidelines below.

Show Everything and Provide as Much as Possible Information

To get accurate furniture-removal quotes, you must provide all the information relevant to the move and show the consultant all rooms and mention all issues. Show them inside cupboards, storage units, garages, lofts, and tool sheds. Note which plants must be moved and do not forget about swimming-pool equipment and garden furniture. If you intend to buy new equipment or furniture before moving day, inform the consultant.

Discuss the Essentials

The consultant will ask about your budget. It is to determine how much you can afford and to ensure that they can provide all the essential services you request. If what they quote is more than you can afford, ask the consultant which items inflate the price the most. You can opt to rather store such items, give them away, or sell them. As such, the consultant can, based on the information you give, exclude the items from the quote, ensuring you can move within your budget. The consultant may suggest that you pack the boxes yourself too, instead of the moving company doing it, and thereby save money as well.

Discuss Possible Moving Dates

Furniture-removal quotes are often higher for weekend moves, because general labour costs are higher on weekends. With that in mind, try not to move on a public holiday or Sunday if you want to save money. If you do not yet know the exact date of the move, state this to the consultant and enquire about the best dates close to your intended move date. If you have a timeframe in which the mover is available, you can expect a better price. This allows the moving company to schedule more accurately. If you must move out on a particular day, state by what time you have to vacate the property.

Special Services

Do you need storage, pet-relocation assistance, packing, and vehicle-transportation assistance? Discuss all of these with the consultant to ensure you get an accurate quote.

Get an Accurate Furniture Removal Quote from Elliott

Give Elliott Mobility a call for a free site visit and pre-move survey to help you get an accurate furniture-removal quote. We will also provide quotes for any special services required.

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