Furniture Removal Services in Durban

Furniture Removal Services in Durban

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Who Offers the Best Furniture Removal Services in Durban?

Moving to a new house is a very personal and highly involved experience. You have a vested interest in the safety of all the goods to be moved, a personal attachment to your living space that needs to change, the need to balance regular activities and responsibilities, as well as the added pressure of project managing an entire additional activity that falls outside of your daily scope of work. It’s a lot to deal with for one person.

It’s thus no wonder that furniture removal services are so popular. Aside from providing the manpower and necessary trucks for moving large and heavy items, a good furniture removal company also delivers additional services and expertise to alleviate a lot of the burden and stress associated with relocating.

However, don’t expect every single company that offers furniture removal services to go out of their way to accommodate all your needs. As with any other service industry, different companies provide different sets of services, standards of services, and skills. It’s thus imperative that you choose very carefully which company you partner with to ensure that you get the value you expect.


Finding the Best Furniture Removal Services in Durban

There is certainly no shortage of moving companies in Durban. Ranging from two-man teams to large, multi-team companies, there’s always someone ready to jump in. So, how do you determine which company is the right choice for you? Will they be able to take care of everything that is required by your move with your complete approval and peace of mind?


This is Exactly Where You Need to Start – With Your Needs

Your needs, of course, are also at the centre of all the services offered by Elliott Mobility – the leading provider of furniture removal services in Durban and across South Africa and beyond.

We’ve been around since as far back as 1947 and in that time, we’ve grown to become one of the world’s leading removal and relocation companies. With branches throughout Southern Africa, including Durban, we’re perfectly placed to help you get from and to anywhere and everywhere.


Across Town, Across the Country, Across the Globe

Maybe you need to move to a more suitable home across town, closer to work, or closer to family. Perhaps you’ve found an exciting, new opportunity in Johannesburg or Cape Town. You can even be chasing your dreams in another country… Wherever you need to go – to or from Durban – our global network of offices and partners are ready to facilitate any relocation quickly, efficiently and with as little hassle as possible for you.


We Deliver Service Excellence Because We Believe It Matters

The value of your possessions is not only the price you paid for it. Often, our memories and experiences add even more value to the things we own, and no money in the world will replace that. At Elliott Mobility, we handle the contents of your home with the same consideration that went into choosing it. We invest extensive time and care into each and every piece we pack and move. You can rest assured that you’re putting your possessions in the hands of people who understand it’s worth as much as you do.


We’re Furniture Removal Experts

To be the best, you need to work with the best. Our office in Durban boasts a team of highly experienced, qualified, and fully trained moving experts who are passionate about making sure that your move is as stress-free as possible.

We also pride ourselves on our worldwide network of best-in-class partners to make sure we can meet your every need in terms of your relocation.


Our Range of Furniture Removal and Related Services Offered in Durban and Beyond

As mentioned, not every furniture removal company in Durban offers the same extensive range of services. To ensure that we provide a one-stop solution to make your move as straightforward and easy as possible, we provide a full range of relocation services that include:


Professional Packing

Packing is one of the single most time-consuming and mundane tasks related to moving. That’s, however, not the case with Elliott Mobility by your side. Our expert crews are trained in the art of the perfect pack and can even help with specialist items that need extra protection and wrapping. You can rest assured that your possessions will arrive safe and sound on the other side.


Fine Art Relocation

Art and antique collections are not only immensely valuable, but often irreplaceable. As a recognised member of ICEFAT (International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters), Elliott Mobility offers a range of world-class fine art services, such as state-of-the-art packing, transportation, shipping and installation across Southern Africa and the world.


Pet Relocation

Our pets are part of our family. Relocating them can be very stressful, so Elliott Mobility has partnered with specialist pet travel partners to ensure that your furry family members arrive at their destination as effortlessly as you have. Services include travel arrangements, import or export licenses, quarantine arrangements, custom-made travel containers, kennel services and everything in between.


Vehicle Relocation

Do you own more than one vehicle? Or perhaps a collection of investment vehicles? These also need to be transported to your new destination. When driving them is not a practical option, Elliott Mobility can arrange safe and reliable road and/or sea freighting with arrangement for collection at an agreed depot, or delivery straight to your new address.


People Relocation

Typically, we offer handyman and valet services to get you set up and feeling at home in your new place right from the start. However, we can also provide more extensive people relocation services, that include helping you find accommodation, assisting in school searches, and organising community tours to help you get to know your new neighbourhood and settle in faster.


Storage Services

Maybe you’re relocating before your new home is ready. Or perhaps you don’t need to take everything you own with you. Whatever the reason, if you need a storage solution, Elliott Mobility has this covered also. We offer safe and secure short, medium, and long-term specialised storage solutions to cater for your belongings, whether it’s a prized painting, precious carpets, fragile pot plants, a vintage car, or even a boat.



While we pride ourselves on delivering services excellence without exception, the risk of accidental damage does remain. Because of this, we provide the option of all-risk and marine insurance protection to make sure you are covered in the unlikely event that something does happen.

In short, if you’re looking for the best furniture removal services in Durban, get in touch with the experts at Elliott Mobility right away. With more than 65 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that even your most cherished belongings are safe in the capable hands of our team of trusted experts.

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