Furniture Removals Quotes

The Cost of Furniture Removals and How to Get Free Quotes

Some of us love the excitement of moving… the thrill of a new place, the promise of fresh adventures. Others find even the thought of relocating daunting, let alone all the work and logistics involved to make it happen. Whichever category you fall in, chances are that you will need to partner with a furniture removals company to assist with your move.

When this happens, you’re certainly not going to rush out to the first service provider you can find and hand them the key to your possessions. First, you want to know that they are experienced professionals who will be able to meet your requirements and keep your belongings safe. And secondly, you want to know what their rates are and see a comprehensive quote for their furniture removal services.

Now, it’s relatively easy to find a free online furniture removal – and even storage – quote. However, these free online quotes are generally just estimates (even if they are relatively accurate), and they can differ significantly from one service provider to another.

For you to accurately compare free online removal and storage quotes, you need to understand what features and factors have an impact on the cost of furniture removals. To give you an idea, we’ve made a list of some of the main things that could influence moving costs:

The Distance

How far you are from the furniture removals company and how far the items need to be moved usually have the biggest and most obvious impact on the cost reflected on the quotes your request. This is to be expected, as the distance increases the cost to the service provider – in terms of transport cost as well as the time spent on the move. The longer the move takes, the more man-hours need to be covered.

The Accessibility of the Destination

Many modern homes are built in private or security complexes. Often, weight and height restrictions apply to vehicles entering these complexes, which could prove restrictive for large moving trucks. For those living in apartment blocks, getting furniture into the actual unit could also prove challenging and require extra hands or equipment. We’ve specifically referred to the destination here, but similarly, the accessibility of the original address could also play a role.

The Date

As a rule, rental agreements and property transfers come into effect at the beginning of a month. This means that furniture removal companies are generally fully booked way in advance during the last and first weeks of a month. You need to act early to secure your booking. This also means that these same companies generally have more capacity in the middle of the month and may even offer preferential rates to clients who book their services during these less busy weeks.

The Size of the Move

Now, again, this is an expected factor and could have a significant impact on the furniture removal quotes you receive. How much and what are the sizes of the stuff that needs to be moved? The more (and larger) the items, the more the transport costs will be because you will either require larger vehicles, more vehicles, or more trips – all increasing the transport costs. More items also might require more labour, which increases labour costs.

The Content of the Move

Not everything simply gets stuffed into a box or chucked on the back of a truck. Aside from professional wrapping and packing services which may be included in the quote, you also have to consider the need for specialised moving services, such as is required for the relocation of fine art, pets, or motor vehicles. If any of these form part of your move, you’d want professional, specialised services to take care of these precious items to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

The Requirement of Special Skills or Equipment

We’ve already mentioned the specialised service required when relocating fine art, or the additional service (freighting and storage) that is needed for the transportation of motor vehicles. The same applies to rigging services if large or heavy items need to be lifted out for relocation. It’s not only the skills and additional equipment that adds to the cost but also the extra risk of handling these goods that push up the service rates.

The Extent of the Service

A full-service solution will result in much higher cost due to the extra materials, equipment and labour required, compared to a removal service that is merely concerned with the transport of the goods from point A to B. Make sure that you know the extent of the furniture removal service you are being quoted for, and whether it meets your requirements or is needed. These additional services could include the supply of packaging materials, the packing and unpacking of your belongings, and even community integration activities.

The Quality of the Service

As you can expect, not all furniture removal services are of the same calibre. And, as with most things, you get what you pay for. If you simply need a couple of extra hands to lift some stuff, that’s fine. But if you want a professional team that will take care of your entire relocation from start to finish and do so with the utmost care and respect for your possessions, expect to pay more.

Storage Requirements

Will all your content go straight to your new destination? Or does it need storage along the way? If so, try to find a service provider that offers both furniture removals and secure storage, and can include both of these services on your free online quote. Partnering with one service provider is often more cost-effective, plus it also limits the administration requirements and lowers the risk that you are exposed to.

Insurance Cover

While the ideal plan is to find a furniture removals company that will take every possible precaution to protect your belongings from harm and loss, the truth is that accidents can and do happen. Unfortunately, your regular short-term home contents insurance will probably not cover this. Make sure you choose a service provider with reliable insurance cover and check whether this cover is included in your free online quote.

Where to Get Your Free Online Furniture Removal and Storage Quote

To request an online quote from one of the leading furniture removals companies in South Africa and worldwide, simply click on “Get a Quote” at the top of the page and answer a few basic questions. Elliott Mobility has decades of experience in executing both large and small moves, locally and internationally, and our friendly team will get in touch to design a bespoke quote for you to meet your needs and budget.