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Top 12 Tips to Make Moving Day a Breeze

There is no need to pretend that it’s nothing. Moving to a new house is a challenging and often overwhelming experience. There are so many balls in the air, and you have to still continue navigating your own life and everyday tasks. It’s no wonder the services of furniture removal companies are so popular.

Now, it’s certainly worth checking out furniture removal companies in your area. A professional expert will add immense value to the process and use their experience to your advantage to make the entire process tick over like clockwork.

That said, there are still things you can do from your side to alleviate your stress and help the process along. Here are a dozen handy tips you can follow in the period leading up to the big moving day to help you manage the process and ensure that the actual day plays out without a hitch and as smooth and stress-free as can be desired:


Treat yourself to a purge

If there is ever not only an excuse but a reason to clear the clutter, this is it. Before you even get furniture removal companies to quote on your move, give your house a once over, and throw out what you don’t need, don’t want, or won’t use again. This doesn’t have to be a super-invasive purge. Simply scan through everything and trust your gut. Remember, the less you’re taking with, the less you have to pack and unpack, and the better your rate from the furniture removal company will be.


Work off a checklist to free your mind space

If you engage the services of leading furniture removal companies, the package should certainly include some form of checklist to help you navigate the process. However, nothing stops you from creating your own checklist to get you started and help you organise your thoughts. Don’t get stuck on making the list though – treat it as a living document and add to it or shuffle tasks as you go along.


Create a schedule – and revise it without guilt

Now that you have a list of tasks that need to be done, start setting out days or at least a timeline in which you want to get it done. This will help you to manage the tasks without getting overwhelmed by the thought of having to get everything done at the same time. But again, also realise that this is a busy time, and allow yourself to update your schedule to make it fit with your daily life.


Update your details and accounts

In the mad rush to get everything organised and done in time – and with all of the excitement of a new adventure ahead – it’s easy to forget to update details that you don’t often have to think about. Take an afternoon to identify any possible parties that you will need to notify of your address change, services that need to be cancelled, and insurance that need to be updated.


Measure everything

Take the measurements of all your pieces of furniture and write it down in a notebook that you always have with you or, better yet, save this information on your cell phone. This will not only allow you to determine whether you need to get rid of some pieces that won’t fit before you plan your move but will also make your task of placing the furniture once you’re in your new home so much easier.


Plan a ”first-night” box

You know what everyday items you need to be comfortable. Whether you choose a furniture removal company that does the packing and unpacking for you or not, plan ahead to pack your own suitcase or box containing your must-have items, fresh clothes and things like your chargers and even a kettle, coffee and your favourite mug. Make sure that this box travels with you, so that no matter what happens on moving day, you have everything you need within easy reach.


Wait! Before you get started, take pictures or videos of your electronics

We are often much more dependent on our electronics than we might realise. Chances are that there are some items that you might not be familiar with when it comes to setting up all the cables and so on. Make this easy by using your cell phone to take pictures of the connections before you unplug them. This way, reconnecting your devices will be child’s play.


Create gift boxes

Set a couple of boxes aside for when you are packing and use these for any items you want to get rid of as you pack, e.g. a box for extra clothes, one for unwanted crockery, perhaps one for old tools or books. This way, you make it easy for yourself to do one last decluttering, and the items are already sorted so that you can donate it to the relevant person or organisation with no hassle.


Book babysitters and pet sitters for moving day

No matter how much you love your children and your pets, it’s not necessarily the most fun having them around on the actual day of the move. Your focus is divided, it isn’t a particularly fun activity for the kids, and it’s a tremendously stressful event for pets. If at all possible, see if you can arrange for your kids and to spend the day with friends or family, or book a babysitter and pet sitter in advance.


Find a furniture removal company that can do it all

Depending on the items that form part of your move, and the distance of your move, you might require some specialised services. These could include things like the relocation of fine art and antiques, pet relocations, the moving of safes, or vehicle transport, or even storage facilities. Instead of procuring the services of a number of furniture removal companies, try to find one that can assist you with all of the services you require, so that you don’t need to juggle multiple service providers on one day.


Check the insurance cover provided by furniture removal companies

A professional and experienced moving company should be able to handle a move easily and without any incidents. However, even the most prepared professionals are subject to the odd unforeseen accident. Make sure that the service provider you choose is properly insured, and that your quote includes sufficient cover.


Simply partner with Elliott Mobility

With more than 65 years’ worth of experience in the moving industry, Elliott Mobility brings a wealth of wisdom to every relocation project. With our own special fleet of vehicles and a wide range of relocation services on offer, we’re ready to make small work of your move, so that you can simply enjoy the experience.

For those who are unsure, yes, Elliott Mobility can assist you with your move during the lockdown.

Elliott Mobility is providing full moving and relocation services, whilst strictly adhering to the safety and operating guidelines for workers and businesses. This covers International Moves, National Moves and Domestic Moves. Our Sales and Administration teams will continue to be available to assist you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your moving requirements and obtain your quote. We thank you for your continued support.

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