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House Moving Services

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Value-Added House Moving Services for Easier Relocation

When you think of house moving services, the first thing that normally comes to mind is that of a furniture removal truck. Though perfectly accurate, there is more to house moving services than just the transportation of your valuable belongings from point A to point B. We briefly discuss some of the lesser-known house moving services, giving you an indication of how we can be of assistance, should you need to relocate from one town to another in South Africa.

Free Assessment

You see your furniture as it is arranged in the house. The clothes and linen are packed away in cupboards. There are cushions on the sofas, sun umbrellas on the veranda, and a bar with a lot of glassware. The dinnerware is packed in a cupboard, tools in the garage, garden equipment in the garden shed, the swimming pool equipment in the pool shed, and more. You have a study with shelves all the way to the ceiling and filled with books. Then there are the document cupboards and cabinets, and do not forget about the laundry room equipment.

You therefore do not picture all the items in one place, stacked for transportation. Artworks and mirrors hang on the walls and you have various expensive loose carpets. Only once the items must go into a single truck or trailer do you realise how many items you must transport. It is extremely difficult to assess how many boxes you will need, what the overall weight of the items will be, and how much space you will need. As such, when you enquire about quotes for house moving services, you soon realise that just being able to provide the information to get an accurate quote is already a daunting task.

The good news is that we offer a free on-site assessment to help determine the size of the move. Our consultants have years of experience in determining packing, transportation, and storage space requirements. They can help you determine how many boxes will be needed, what type of packaging will be best for which items, and how much you can expect to pay. Because we do the assessment, we can provide you with an accurate quote instead of making it your responsibility to calculate your house moving needs.

Storage Facilities

You may want to reduce your initial house moving costs by storing some of the less-used items. We offer a choice of storage facilities as part of our house moving services. Or perhaps you need storage facilities to temporarily store your furniture when you move house, because you cannot yet move into your new abode yet. In another scenario, you may plan to rent a house in another town for a year because of job responsibilities. You want to rent out your home unfurnished and need storage space for the year. In all these instances, you will benefit from our range of storage facilities. We also offer greenhouse storage facilities for houseplants and can store your boat, caravan, and extra vehicle or motorcycle for the period needed. Indeed, we have storage facilities to meet all your requirements, whether for storage of carpets and large furniture pieces, or for crates.

Relocation Assistance

You may be moving house because of a job opportunity in another town, but you are concerned about finding medical facilities, schools, bus routes, lawyers, filling stations, shopping malls, and the like in a short period. You know that you will need to buy groceries, you want to know where the nearest animal hospital is, and you want to ensure that you can enrol your children in the right schools. Our relocation experts are here to assist. Even if you need to move to another country, you can use our online guides and get professional relocation assistance.

Pet Moving Services

Do you have birds, fish, dogs, cats, and other pets that must also move house with you? It can be a formidable task, especially if you are moving long-distance. Fortunately, we can help. When you make use of our house moving services, we can also assist with pet transportation. As such, you only have to make use of our house moving services to have all the above done and can benefit from our packing and unpacking services as well. You therefore do not have to obtain multiple quotes.

Make use of our turnkey solutions for a hassle-free house move.

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