How to Label Boxes for Your Moving Company

How to Label Boxes for Your Moving Company

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Imagine moving to a new home or office, but you don’t know where anything is and the only way to know for sure is to open each box before you unpack. It could either be a silly mishap or a serious nightmare, depending on the number of belongings you have to unpack and the urgency with which you will need to unpack them. Many of us prefer to label and organise things. So, whenever we encounter problems that arise out of chaos and disorganisation, we tend to panic and postpone the task at hand. Putting a label on each box will help not only you but us, your moving company, as well. Continue reading to learn more about how to label boxes for your moving company and why it is important.

You may be someone who does not consider yourself to be the most organised person, or you may prefer being more flexible when it comes to organising your belongings. That being said, for the purposes of moving, it is best to label each box, particularly for the sake of your moving company. If we know what each box contains, we can give your belongings the proper care and respect they need to make it to your new home (or office) intact. Furthermore, this will ensure that the moving and unpacking process is seamless and straightforward. The quicker you get packing and unpacking out of the way, the quicker you can enjoy settling into your new space and returning to normal life. This is only possible if you properly label boxes for your moving company.

The Best Ways to Label Your Boxes

In many instances, there is a right and a wrong way of doing things. While you may have your own preferences when marking boxes, there are a few things you could do to make our job (and yours) much easier. Once you know how to do it properly, you will never have a disorganised move again. Below are a few tips on how to label your boxes correctly.

  • Mark your items clearly. Your moving company will aim to work swiftly and efficiently on moving day. As such, their team will not have time to decipher unclear labels.

  • Indicate to which rooms your belongings need to go. To facilitate a quick and simple move, add the rooms to which the boxes will need to be taken on your labels. This will speed up the process significantly.

  • Give specific instructions (especially where fragile items are concerned). Let us know how you want us to arrange your items and how we need to handle every box. We take the greatest care to move your valuables, but specific instructions can help us identify breakable and valuable items more easily.

  • Indicate how many boxes are in a group. If you have five boxes for a specific room, label them sequentially by numbering them, for example. This will make it easier to find missing or misplaced boxes.

  • Tag goods that need to be unloaded first at the new location. If you need easy and immediate access to some of your belongings during or after a move, make sure to mark them clearly (and inform the manager in charge of the move of those boxes). If you packed a survival kit (see our article titled, “What To Do On Furniture Removal Day”), mark it and hand it to the manager, who will then make sure to unload it first.

A Disclaimer on Items with a High Value

There are scenarios in which you may not want to label certain valuable items, such as expensive jewellery or cash. You can choose to transport these items yourself, but if you want or need Elliott to transport these goods, you will need to submit a written request or notice so that we can make special transportation arrangements for your valuables. In the case of firearms, we are legally obliged to decline transportation thereof, so you will have to see to transportation thereof yourself.

We at Elliott take great care to keep your valuables safe and secure, but we do take extra measures for speciality items like precious artworks and vintage wines. We can arrange bespoke packaging and transport to ensure they reach their destination safely, whether it’s at your new home or one of our highly secure speciality storage facilities.

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