Looking for Trusted Movers in Cape Town?

Looking for Trusted Movers in Cape Town?

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Cape Town has always had unique weather, a unique culture, and unique business conditions, especially for those involved in transportation of any kind. The wind blows like mad at times, the winter rain is copious and incessant some days, and terrain changes from sandy flats to sandstone mountains all along an average journey. Those who call it home seldom want to leave, but many tend to move around the city over the years. When you’re looking for a free online moving quote from trusted movers in Cape Town, be sure to visit Elliott. We’re national and international movers who might have moved your grandma once, because we’ve been around for over 70 years!

What makes a mover trusted in any city, including Cape Town? There are a few telltale signs of a great mover. Firstly, they provide old school service.  You’ll know it when you see it, and you will see it, because great movers will put you right in their calendar and pop over as soon as they can. They meet and plan things. You’re not left wondering in the days leading up to your move, “I wonder why they never asked me about that?” Trusted movers in Cape Town become trusted because they leave you with no stone unturned in the days before the move. No matter what it is, what speciality item, vehicles, precious goods, you name it-you will know how it’s being taken care of on moving day. You’ll know clearly who’s responsible for what, and you’ll actually be able to plan your day, even on moving day, because trusted movers are punctual.


Trusted Movers in Cape Town Are an Open Book

Truly trustworthy movers don’t obscure things, they’ll tell it like it is. Of course, a dynamic moving company will offer customers a full bouquet of services, right down to taking care of the fine peripheral details of a move. That said, every service and cost will be fully explained. They’re transparent because they know they’re fairly priced. There’s nothing to hide. In fact, the pro movers of Cape Town are very competitively priced, and the most cost-effective solution for any residential or commercial move. Because of their efficiency and quality of service, the most trusted movers in Cape Town aren’t necessarily the most expensive, a point many people miss. Transparent also means making sure all parties are clear about what’s required of them on moving day, and this one is up to you. Want to sit and watch only? Fantastic. Want to ferry some stuff and we do the rest? Great. What about the pets, the garden service, the pool guy who’s coming back a day after you’re gone? Again, your choice. You can literally pick and choose, and a great moving company will take on anything you’d like them to.

Price is an important consideration in any transaction, but cost-effectiveness is a more genuine evaluation. It’s a big reason why trusted movers keep on moving people, because they offer such great value for money. Great service is hard to beat. That service is the kind that you want to pick and choose from. No two homes are the same, nor businesses, and no attendant services and situations are the same in everyone’s lives. A great moving service has gone the extra mile to develop services, trains for relevant skills within those services, and add huge value because of it. When you’re getting ready to move, issues always arise. You’re dropping things off, cancelling things, transferring things, returning things, replacing things. Even here, trusted movers in Cape Town will demonstrate that value, offering as much takeover of your admin load as you’d like.


Elliott is One of the Most Trusted Movers in Cape Town

At Elliott, we know the city backwards, which makes for accurate quotes and punctual timekeeping. We’re a reputable company that has built up a solid name over decades, and we’re members of international movers’ associations and regulatory bodies. We get Cape Town, and we’ll move you safely and professionally no matter what the weather’s doing that day. We also offer storage to keep the salty sea air off your goods. If you’re coming to Cape Town from upcountry or abroad, or just moving around the Fairest Cape, get us on your team and see how pleasant the experience can be.

Remember, professional services don’t cost any more than lousy ones, if you look at what you’re getting, what hassles and costs have been eliminated. We’re insured to the hilt for your complete peace of mind, and we like being of service because we’re good at what we do. Let us show you what an affordable, quality service is about. Call us or mail us but give us the opportunity to show you what great service is all about.

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