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National and International Movers Cape Town

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Why Should You Use Our Cape Town Movers for National and International Moving?

Moving to a new place in the same country can be stressful, but not as much as moving to a different country. It is a completely new climate, new language, and new way of living. You cannot just pack up and move. There are many things to consider. The first step is to find experienced national and international movers in Cape Town, such as Elliott Mobility. We can help you through the whole process, so you can settle into your new home quickly and comfortably.

Some Things to Sort Out Before Relocating to a New Country from Cape Town

As our Cape Town movers will explain, before even looking for an overseas home, make sure that your passports are up to date, and find out if you or your whole family are going to need visas. Sometimes, a visa can take quite a long time, so prepare to wait a while, and do not apply at the last minute.

If you have pets that you want to take with you, they will need certain vaccinations, depending on the country of relocation. You may have to consider giving your pet to a relative or friend that you know will love and care for it. It is most likely that your pet will have to go through a period of quarantine before he/she will be allowed in the new country. Of course, our Cape Town movers can assist in keeping your pets safe and secure throughout the moving process.

Get travel insurance and make sure that all your family members have undergone health assessments. You do not want to deal with health issues at the last minute, as such can affect the relocation process, whether you plan to move nationally or internationally.

Everything that must be taken with will take up space and add to the cost of relocation. Sell the things you are not going to need in the future and get a storage facility for the rest of your belongings. Such storage facilities are available from Elliott Mobility, as we are experienced Cape Town movers. We have a national and international presence, so we can ensure safe storage of your items until you need to move such to your new country.

Pay off any loans you made and get a tax clearance certificate. Keep in mind that you will still be tax accountable even if you have moved to another country, unless you also financially emigrate.

A Guide for South Africans for International Moves

Location is number one. Since you are moving to a place you do not know, rent short term to start off with. You do not want to be stuck in a long-term lease in an unsafe neighbourhood.

Learn the language. When moving to a foreign country, it is important to understand the new language.

You will need to adapt to a new culture. Remember that you are in someone else’s valley. Read up on the culture and be patient with people. You do not want to accidently offend your new employer, whether it is something you say or do.

Read up about business and dining etiquette applicable to the new country.

Use our national and international relocation guides for more information about the country of choice.

Make use of our Cape Town movers for national and international moving, as they will be able to help with logistics, storage, and relocation guidance.

Our movers are experienced in national and international moves from Cape Town.  We are here to help you move everything you will need. Save time and money with our professional movers, who will help you every step of the way with services such as:

Pre-planning assessment to determine what must be moved or stored.

Accurate moving quote.

Storage of cars, boats, caravans, and motor cycles in special facilities.

Assistance with pet relocation.

Packing of items for storage.

Packing of items for moving.

Providing relocation guidance.

Assisting with customs clearance processes.

Assisting with the various methods of sea freighting, such as FCL, Groupage, or LCL.

Moving goods by air freight.

Disassembly and re-assembly of goods.

Storage in Cape Town or at your new destination.

The above are only a few of the essential services our Cape Town movers offer for national and international moves. Do not attempt to relocate to another country without professional moving assistance. Make use of our affordable services. Call on us for expert advice and a free assessment of your moving needs.

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