Get a Free Quote From One of South Africa’s Premier Moving Companies

Get a Free Quote From One of South Africa’s Premier Moving Companies

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At some point in a person’s life, for business or personal reasons, there comes that moment when you have to move. It is a decision that isn’t entered into lightly as it needs to be thought out and planned carefully. Part of the planning process involves finding moving companies that will be able to do your entire move for you, including any special requirements that you might have and delivering on the service that they have advertised.

The Search Begins

Searching for moving companies can be a tedious process but a necessary one. Reviews can make or break a company but they are important as it is a reflection of the service that they claim they offer. Obtaining online quotes can be a bit misleading as many moving companies don’t have detailed specification requirements which could if chosen, be a financial burden on you when hidden costs are revealed on the invoice.

Once you have done the leg work and have narrowed down your choice, find out from others that have recently moved which company they would recommend and if the experience was a pleasant one. Word of mouth goes a long way when selecting moving companies.

Go a step further by contacting the companies that you have selected and find out what information you need to supply them with to get as accurate a quote as possible.

Obligation Free Quotes

Throughout our lives, we collect items and when the time comes to relocate, we realise that the task at hand is more than we bargained for. You need to find moving companies that will provide you with quotes that cover the move of all your household goods and ones that are obligation free.

Many moving companies urge you to contact them for a quote that is obligation free. Be careful, as this could incur costs that you have not budgeted for. Smaller, less reputable moving companies might offer you the services that you have requested at the right price but before committing to them, make sure that the quote received is correctly reflected on the invoice.

Setting Sail to a Brighter Future                                                                               

International moves are the most traumatic as you are not only moving your possessions but your pets and possibly your vehicles too. The quotes that you receive from moving companies that provide this service must be extremely accurate as any costs that may arise down the line due to miscalculations or undisclosed items, will considerably delay the process or have you leaving your belongings at a shipyard until the paperwork is sorted out.

Knowing That Your Quote is From a Reputable Company

Many moving companies will request that you provide them with a collection address, delivery address and a basic idea of the contents of your home, to quote. Understand that if this is the only information you need to provide for a quote, then the company you have chosen is not a reputable one. Reputable moving companies will not only find out where you are moving from and to, but the quote that they provide you with will include any special requirements, restrictions, a detailed inventory of your belongings as well as any other specifications that you may require. Cheap isn’t necessarily the best.

South Africa’s Premier Moving Company

At the end of the day, you need to find moving companies that understand your exact requirements and one that will make the process as seamless as possible. The search for a company that is reputable, provides you with free quotes that encompass any costs that could arise and one that will be there with you every step of the way, is just a click or phone call away. With Elliott, all you need to do is phone us or go online, select the moving service required, fill out the online questionnaire and one of our sales executives will get hold of you to discuss the intricate details of your move.

Relocating nationally or internationally is a breeze with Elliott. We will talk you through the information needed to provide you with a quote that is as fair and accurate as possible. With us, there are no hidden agendas. Rest assured that the quotes that you receive from us won’t have any concealed costs or obligations.    

From pre-move surveys right through to assisting you with the packing and unpacking of your belongings, Elliott will be there for you.

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