The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company that Offers Safe and Secure Storage Facilities

The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company that Offers Safe and Secure Storage Facilities


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Challenges arise when we least expect them. It could be a new job, being able to move where the views are just too breathtaking to miss out on or downsizing because the children have finally left the nest. Chances are that you are not prepared for what’s coming. Not only do you need to sell your house but you need to find a new home and time is running out. You can always book into a hotel or stay with friends and family until you find a place, but what will you do with your belongings? Besides looking for moving companies, you need to find storage facilities as well.

 A Logistical Nightmare

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to a move is the logistics. The excitement of a new challenge can quickly wear off when you have to plan your move and store belongings. Dealing with two separate companies means having to coordinate with the moving company and the storage facility. This also involves working within two sets of restrictions. The best thing that you can do is find a company that will be able to offer both services. By combining storage and moving facilities you will be able to keep track of one contract and timeline.

Selling Before Moving

If you are in an unfortunate position where your house has been sold before you have found a new place, then you need to consider storage facilities. As you have already started making arrangements for the big move, having the option of storage facilities with your moving company will enable you to not only start the moving process earlier but get your home stage-ready for a potential buyer. 

Having a moving company with storage facilities can help you ease into your move. If you don’t want all your belongings delivered at once, you can contact them to store those items not needed immediately. This will allow you to unpack at your own pace and with less stress.

Empty Nest Syndrome

The children have finally left the nest, leaving you in a house that is too big for just two people. This brings with it the dreaded scenario of having to let go of the items that can’t fit into your new cottage. You now need to decide what to keep and what to discard. When having to let go of sentimental pieces of furniture or memories is not an option, find a moving company that will offer storage facilities to keep them until you are ready to let them go or pass them on.

Keeping Your Eggs in One Basket

Finding a moving company that you trust and that can provide you with storage facilities, eases the stress and anxiety that comes with a move. That company is Elliott.

Elliott not only offers end-to-end relocation services but should you not be in a position to accommodate all your belongings immediately, we will ensure that your items are kept safely under lock and key in our storage facilities until they are ready to be re-homed.

Your belongings are our top priority and we offer storage facilities that have unique dust-free containers housed in controlled warehouses. Our storage facilities have strict security features, including biometric access control, electric fencing as well as 24-hour security. For your peace of mind, we keep a detailed inventory list so that both parties, at all times, know what has been stored. Should you at anytime need access to your belongings, we will arrange it for you.  

Boats, Trains and Automobiles

Over and above your household possessions, Elliott offers modern and secure storage facilities for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We don’t just park your cars, we store them in line with the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations. When you are ready to move into your new home, we can arrange the safe transportation of your vehicle right to your garage door. Once settled and you hear the sea beckon, contact us and we can arrange for you to collect your Moonraker. 

By offering our customers a full-service package, not only can Elliott move your belongings for you but if you are not quite ready for the bulk of them, we can assist you by keeping them safe in our storage facilities. Whether you are downsizing, still scouting for locations, or are in the process of relocating, your assets will be well looked after.

When the time comes for your move, whether it be a week, month, or even longer, Elliott will be ready to move your world. 

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