Professional Movers

Why Use Professional Movers?

Why use professional movers as opposed to hiring a truck or renting a trailer, and handling it with the help of friends? Continue reading if you want to know just how helpful we can be. Below is what is involved in the process, giving you an indication of how professional movers make it easier for you.

Making a List

Our teams make sure that they have a list of the things you need to move. They review the list and check that everything you want to move is indicated. This also helps to determine the load’s size and weight. The consultants will ask you a few questions regarding the location, destination, time, and date of the move, in order to give you a quote. Indeed, they even visit your home to ensure a more accurate quote.

The team prepares the quote and once you accept, everything is set in motion. We appoint the coordinator and handle steps such as pre-planning, packing assistance, and actual transportation of the furniture and other valuable items.

Packing Your Valuables

If you are inexperienced at packing or scared that you might not pack your valuables in a safe manner, then all the more reason to make use of professional movers. Expert consultants can give you advice if you are a hands-on type of person and want to manage the packing process yourself. As an alternative, our packing team can handle part or all of the packing.

Loading the Items

On the day of the move, the team of professional movers loads the items onto the moving truck. Packing your belongings into boxes is one thing, but getting all of it to fit and be secure on a truck is a higher level of complexity. You can leave it to our team to load and offload your things in the best and most secure way possible.

Before the trip starts, the driver performs a full outside and inside inspection of the moving truck. The team also checks to make sure that all the items are secured. This step is extremely important, in order to prevent delays on the road due to an overheating truck, or broken and lost goods.

Transporting of the Items

Next is the transportation to the selected destination. As professional movers, we have qualified, responsible, and confident drivers to operate the fully loaded vehicles to near or far places.

The drivers know when to take short breaks to ensure that they do not fall asleep behind the wheel, and we always have teams driving. Just driving with a trailer hooked up to your car can already be terrifying. Imagine having to drive a truck. With the pro drivers, you do not need to be concerned about any of the above. We can even transport your vehicle if you do not want to drive it all the way to your new home.

Delivering the Items to Your New Home

The next step entails offloading the items from the truck and into your home. We do this quickly and in an orderly manner, so that your things are not damaged. We know where to put your things and how to handle the items with care. All you need to do is make sure that you tell us when a box or furniture piece needs to go in a different spot, and we will move it. This way, unpacking and settling into your new apartment or home is as easy as unlocking the door for the movers.

Cleaning and Removing Packing Materials

The final step we take is cleaning up. We do not just leave the things in a messy or unorganised way. We make sure that you are happy with where we put everything, and then we take away all the moving materials that we used to protect your things. It might seem like this step is not necessary, but at the end of the day, you will appreciate it. Getting rid of all kinds of plastic wrap, empty boxes, and ropes used to secure furniture and crates will end up making an enormous amount of extra work for you.

If our process does not make you want to use professional movers to help with the move, you must have a lot of time on your hands. No move is too small or too big to get help. Make it a hassle-free move with our team of professional movers.