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Storage Facilities

Elliott Mobility Storage Facilities

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Unclutter and Keep Safe with Secure Storage Facilities

Having a house full of boxes and unused things can quickly turn the home into a dust-fest with rats and moths as the party guests. This can make you feel insecure about how you live and cause embarrassment. As such, you may hesitate when it comes to inviting people over because your house or workspace is a total mess all the time. Storage facilities can help transform the cluttered space into a neat home. Rather than keeping everything stacked at home, you can move the items to an offsite location.

Other uses to consider:

You can store caravans, boats, and vehicles that are not regularly used. This especially helps when living in a coastal area. The coast is a great place to live, but you need to wash your car frequently to prevent a build-up of salt. If you do not use the car often, you might think that washing is a hassle. By using a storage facility for your car, you do not have to be concerned about regular washes and keeping the vehicle from salty residue.

There is no need to get rid of your plants that you worked a lifetime to grow. If you have a green thumb, and just landed a new job that will take up most of your time, Elliott Mobility has greenhouse storage facilities where you can store your beloved plants.

If you are an art lover and have valuable pieces of art that you are afraid might be ruined in your house by your pets or children, the solution is to store the artworks offsite. At Elliott Mobility, we can store just about anything.

Various types of storage facilities exist:

Self-storage units

Mobile storage units

Units owned by moving companies

The units all have multiple uses. Different risks and regulations apply to each type.


Self-storage units are generally cheaper than other storage facilities. You can use them if you have a few extra things in your house that you want to keep, but do not necessarily want in your home.

The units are the easiest to access at almost any time of any day, but the catch is that you have to do everything yourself. You have the freedom of creating your own personal lounge area, if that’s what you want. However, you will mostly use this type of facility for storing goods for the short or long term. Be sure to select a facility that offers good security, such as CCTV cameras and access control.

Mobile Storage 

You can only access it when loading and offloading. It normally consists of a container or big wooden crate that you either pack yourself or use a moving company to handle. You do not have as much access to it as with the self-storage type. Generally, people use it to move a huge load of things to a storage facility for a temporary time, until they want the load moved to a different location.

Moving Company Storage

This is the safest type of storage. You can make use of Elliott Mobility’s professional movers to help you with the packing and safe transportation of the goods. We have an easy access system in place for when you want your possessions, and full-time security to ensure the safety of your valuables. Whether you need to store plants, artworks, cars, or just some old boxes filling up your house, we have specialised storage facilities for all these and more.

Moving to a Smaller Home or Perhaps Across the Country?

If you are moving to another province or a smaller space than you have now, you might need a storage unit. We offer an extensive range of storage facilities. Everything you have can be stored in the right environment specifically designed for it. If you just want to store furniture, use Elliott Mobility. We have units specially designed to protect your furniture from dust and moths. If you have a car that you want to keep safe, but you do not drive often, you will appreciate our secure storage facilities specifically designed for this purpose.

Make use of our extensive range of storage facilities. Reserve a unit to store the things you do not immediately want to take with to your next home or do not have space for at home.

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