Safe Storage Facilities

Safe Storage Facilities

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Find Safe Storage Facilities for Your Belongings

Some people need storage because they are moving to smaller apartments or overseas. Others need storage to free up space in their homes. Some use safe storage facilities for their holiday boats and others for unused office equipment. It does not matter what your reason is, there are safe storage facilities for your belongings. You need to know that your belongings are safe. You do not want to worry that rats might plunder antique pieces and valuable documents or that someone can get in and steal your belongings. Thus, you need to be careful where you decide to store your items. Here are a few tips to choose safe storage facilities:

  • Search for high-security options.
  • Find out about temperature- and climate-controlled units.
  • Do not skimp on the lock.
  • Keep track of items.
  • Get insurance.

What You Are Storing

Only you can decide if the storage is safe enough for your belongings. Some facilities are inaccessible to outsiders, whereas others are easier to access. Only take a unit if it has 24-hour security and not in areas where you do not feel safe. The crime rate in the area should already tell you if it is not a good idea to leave your belongings there, unless the facilities have state-of-the-art security.

Protection from the Elements

You have to protect your furniture, paintings, boats, carpets and boxes against the elements, so look for storage facilities that protect your goods against the weather and against infestations of pests. It does matter if the area is safe from crime if your belongings can easily suffer water damage or mould. If the items are temperature-sensitive, opt for special units that offer climate, moisture, and temperature control.

Lock Up and Go

You must buy a lock for the self-storage unit that cannot easily be picked and can withstand tampering.

Make A List

If you are dropping and picking up items from the safe-storage facilities regularly, it is vital that you document it every time. From start to finish, list every item in the unit. Have a system in place to monitor the removal of items. This way, you know if something goes missing and can take immediate steps.

Get Insurance

In the unlikely event of your belongings suffering damage in their safe-storage facilities, you need insurance. Yes, it is impossible to replace items with sentimental value, but you at least you can replace normal items.

Where to Find Safe Storage Facilities

We offer a wide range of storage units. Our facilities are secure, with 24-hour access control and CCTV monitoring. The units are well-maintained and the risk of environmental damage is low. We can even collect your valuables, store them, and return them to you when you need them. We thus offer the convenience of transporting the items to the place of storage as well. In addition, you will appreciate our range of facilities that makes it possible to store everything from boats to cars, cycles, musical instruments, electronics, documents, office equipment, and even plants. Give us a call to discuss your storage requirements.

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