Do Removal Companies Provide Boxes? This One Does (Plus What You Should Know)

Do Removal Companies Provide Boxes? This One Does (Plus What You Should Know)

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It’s time for a change. You’ve decided to take the next step in your life, which is to move to a new house or office building, and now you are browsing removal companies. There could be many reasons for this, such as getting a new job in a different city or province, upsizing your home to accommodate your expanding family (or workforce, if you own a business and you’re moving to new premises), or simply because you felt like it was a change that needed to be made. Whatever the reason for the move, you’ll need boxes in which to move your belongings. This makes it easier to transport and it also helps to reduce any potential damage that may happen to your possessions during the move.

Not all removal companies provide boxes. Some of them might expect you to provide your own while they only move them from Location A to Location B. There is nothing inherently bad with this approach, as some people would simply prefer to provide their own boxes. Elliott is not one of those removal companies. We provide boxes for every move you need to undertake, whether it’s a few old books and some electronics or a whole office full of computers, monitors, cables, and furniture.

The Wonderful World of Boxes

Most boxes are defined by what they look like and what their general purpose is, but you won’t be arrested by the box police if you use a box for a purpose that differs from what it was made for. There are, however, certain physical limitations to what a box can do (e.g., a box that was made for lightweight items like documents or cutlery may not be able to support your 50kg gym weights while being carried). When moving, it’s good to have a variety of boxes to ensure that every item that needs to be moved can be done so securely.

The traditional box. These are some of the most basic box types used by removal companies and can vary in size from just big enough to carry one or two books to large enough for a whole bookshelf. They are also the most common types used by removal companies.

The wardrobe box. This box type is slightly rarer than the traditional box. It is used to transport clothes that can’t be folded, like expensive suits or dresses. They come with hanging bars on which you can hang your clothes, allowing them to remain in an upright, pristine position.

The dish pack or plate box divider. These boxes are specifically used for dishes and utensils. They contain several cell dividers to allow you to separate dishes and utensils.

Specialised boxes and crates. Some boxes are designed to transport specific items, like flatscreen televisions or lamps. These boxes don’t see a lot of use besides what they were designed for. Some removal companies use plastic or wooden crates to transport bigger and heavier items, as most cardboard box types are too fragile for bearing heavy loads.

The Envirowise box. This is what we use at Elliott. Not only do we provide boxes, but we also provide boxes that are much more friendly for the environment than regular boxes. The Envirowise box was designed to be completely reusable and recyclable. Unlike the other boxes on this list, the ones made by Envirowise have a smaller carbon footprint due to being reusable. While normal cardboard boxes are biodegradable to a certain extent, their environmental impact is increased when they are thrown away and new boxes need to be manufactured, not to mention the toxic inks and dyes used on these boxes.

The Correct Way to Seal Your Boxes

There is more than one way to skin a proverbial cat, just like there is more than one way to seal a box. The most important thing to remember is that the box needs to hold your items in place while it is being moved, so make sure both the top and bottom openings are secure. A sturdy “letter H” pattern can give your box the support it needs (as long as its contents don’t exceed the box’s recommended weight capacity).

When choosing removal companies, choose Elliott. We provide boxes for every move, from small homes to large offices.

For more information on Elliott and the type of boxes we provide, visit our homepage.

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