Factors to consider when moving a business

Factors to consider when moving a business

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Moving a business, even when it is somewhat organised, is a challenging and stressful process. This is especially true when you discover that you are ill-prepared for the not-so-obvious costs and consequences that come with such an undertaking. Being able to identify and mitigate potential pitfalls early is essential to a successful relocation, whether it be a national or a cross border move. If you fail at this crucial first step, your business and your employees will be impacted, which may lead to unnecessary technical and capacity issues.


Moving a business is expensive, especially when a large inventory must be transported over a long distance in a short period of time. Firstly, you have the cost of the physical move itself. So, unless your business operates entirely online, you will be moving valuable IT or manufacturing equipment and furniture that requires safe transport and possibly specialised handling or long-term storage.

Secondly, the downtime during moving is also costly, and extremely so when daily operations are suspended due to inadequate planning. And then there are potential unforeseen costs such as pest management, cleaning services, unexpected weather delays, equipment failure, additional storage fees (because things don’t always fit) and so on. These unexpected costs can add up quickly and can seriously compromise your budget. Looking ahead, it is also advisable to account for any increase in cost of living at the new location. If transport or living is more expensive, you may need to compensate your employees when the time for increases and incentives arrives.

IT infrastructure

Most businesses are dependent on a stable network infrastructure to conduct business. Without dedicated internet access to cloud-based applications and security infrastructure, such as servers and firewalls, operations cease. Businesses that rely on point-of-sale systems similarly cannot afford to be down for long periods of time. Your IT provider should therefore be part of the planning phase of your move and must ensure that your new location is ready for business when you arrive. 


Many of your employees will have families and strong ties to their community. You can therefore not expect that they will all be willing or able to move with you, even if you are moving to an address within the same postal code. Employees that do not drive may rely on a lift from a friend to get to work, and parents with smaller children might not want to be too far from day care. This means that you will need to plan for resignations. However, if your business cannot withstand losing a portion of its workforce, moving should be discussed and planned for well in advance. If employees are assured of the benefit the move will bring to both the business and to them, and they are a part of the conversation rather than a victim of it, the losses will be far less.  

Customer base and growth potential

Finding a location that supports the function of your business is essential. However, many businesses experience rapid growth and as a result, the need for a new physical location becomes necessary as space or proximity to clients and suppliers becomes an issue. If you plan on significantly expanding your scope of operations, consider a location that can grow with you. Opting for offices in a building that can accommodate additional staff or has access to warehousing or manufacturing facilities may be significant for growth at your current location.

Moving a business is usually a financial decision. A new location could be cheaper, have growth potential, or be closer to clients and suppliers, reducing courier and other costs. It therefore makes sense that the move itself should also be financially sound.

The best way to stay in budget is by using a reputable moving company that specialises in moving businesses. Your staff, as well intentioned as they may be, may not be able to pack and transport many of the items they think they can. An office desk may seem simple to move, but the reality is that it must be disassembled, packed, transported, and reassembled at the new location. The weight of the items may also be a surprise when they hit the stairs, costing you damage to furniture. For this reason, move your business with a business moving specialist that is geared for all the conditions of your move. Your budget will thank you.

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