Tips to Consider for International Moving

Tips to Consider for International Moving

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If you are seeking new opportunities, a different lifestyle, career or generally a new direction in life, then perhaps it is time to take that bold step and relocate to another country. Challenging experiences help build us and there will likely be some along the way. You can expect plenty of life-affirming moments that you will never forget. New dawns, new jobs, new friends and maybe even new relationships are all great reasons to embrace the change. Supporting you on this life-altering journey will be an international moving company that possesses all the knowledge and expertise to make this transition as smooth as possible.

International Moving can be a Costly Affair

Relocating to a new country is as exciting as it gets, but it is also expensive. Just when you address one aspect of your move, then others crop up. Careful planning, especially when it comes to your finances, will ensure that your move will not only happen within budgetary constraints, but you may have cash to spare afterwards.

As this is a decision that has taken months to come to fruition, besides the stacks of paperwork that need to be completed, you also need to consider the logistics by ensuring that your belongings will be there when you arrive.

What to Keep and What to Give Away

This is the perfect time for you, as a family, to decide on the important items that need to go with you. We often assume that there are items that we cannot live without. However, oftentimes they can be replaced and will save you on freight costs. Organise your give-away items into ‘donate’, ‘sell’ and ‘toss’ piles. The money from the items that you sell can be used to replace what you need to once you have settled in.

Getting Your Belongings to Where They Need to Be

Moving overseas can be a logistical nightmare. The decision as to how to get your belongings to your ultimate destination via ocean or air needs to be made sooner rather than later. It is best to pack your non-essential belongings and have them freighted to your new location in advance. That way your belongings will arrive as close as possible to your arrival. As sending your belongings via freight can take time, consider taking essential items with you instead. 

Extra Tips on Moving Your Belongings Internationally

When it comes to crossing international waters, keep in mind that different countries have different restrictions. Make sure that you are fully au fait of which items are restricted or prohibited. Depending on where you are moving to, your items may be taxable. The tax amount is determined according to a percentage of the value of the items that you have declared. A sinking storm may seem unlikely. However, insuring your belongings is the safest option.

International moving takes months of preparation and planning. From obtaining work permits and visas to finding your new home and moving your belongings, there are many aspects to consider before taking that final leap.

Why Choose an International Moving Company?

When it comes to relocating an entire household, including your beloved pets, enlist the services of a reputable international moving company instead of trying to go it alone. The right international moving company will not only ensure that your belongings are sent to your new zip code, but they will be with you from pre-planning right through to settling into your new home.

A Seamless Transition

At Elliott, we understand that a move of this magnitude can be overwhelming, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. We provide you with a free pre-move survey of your household and requirements allowing you to ask any questions and convey any concerns. Through our global network of movers, you are guaranteed first-class service to any country in the world. The door-to-door service that you can expect from Elliott includes customs clearance, freighting, delivery and even unpacking.

Assisting you to make the transition into the unknown less daunting, we provide our customers with a detailed step-by-step guide on what they can expect from us as well as what they need to prepare for, including the paperwork.

Elliott will go the extra mile to make sure that your personal and prized possessions arrive safely and are well cared for along the way. Request an international moving quote today.

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