Furniture Removals and Storage in Durban

Basic Tips for Furniture Removals and Storage in Durban

Do you have furniture you need moved? Do you have things that are causing clutter in the house? Getting a moving company to help is always a better choice than doing it yourself. It is best to make use of a service provider that can handle both furniture removals and storage in Durban. Below are a few tips to help you get started.

Storage Tips and Advice

The first thing to do is to select the container or box shape. You want something that will fit anywhere easily, and that is stable and strong enough to handle stacking of other containers on top of it. A square container is the best way to go. If you cannot find a square container, your next best choice is a rectangular container. This will help to optimise space usage, as it is easier to stack boxes of the same size, than working with different shapes, especially if you work with limited storage space in Durban.

If the plan is to store documents and valuable items over a long period of time, then you do not want to skimp on the quality of the container. Using boxes might save you money now, but boxes are not as durable as plastic containers. Rats, rain, bugs, and dust are all things that could destroy the boxes and the belongings stored in them. This is especially important to think about if you are storing valuable items or documents. Try to find a place in Durban where you can buy many of the same shaped containers for easy stacking.

Before jumping in and packing all your things, check out the available storage space in Durban. It will be helpful when deciding whether you really need to keep 100 schoolbooks or 30 mismatched mugs.

Tips for Furniture Removals in Durban

Moving furniture can be extremely difficult and hard work, depending on how you do it. Save time and frustrations by making use of professionals for furniture removals in Durban. You want a firm with a proven track record of moving everything from antiques to artworks, conventional household items, music instruments, and electronics. Even better, look for a provider of both furniture removals and storage in Durban. In this way, the company can pack your valuable items, transport the containers to their storage facilities in Durban and handle the household move whether to another suburb or to another city in South Africa.

Elliott Mobility meets the requirements. We offer an extensive range of services related to furniture removals and storage in Durban. With a national and international presence, we are able to move any type of furniture and valuable item locally and internationally.