Rent Storage in Johannesburg

Rent Storage in Johannesburg

Rent Storage in Johannesburg

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Why and When You Need to Rent Storage Space in Johannesburg

If you plan to sell your home, one of the first things you must do is to remove the clutter. Clutter is one of the best ways to put off potential buyers, because they do not walk through homes with potential in mind. Indeed, they normally do not have the time to do in-depth inspections. They only see what is in front of them and a cluttered space does not leave a good first impression. You can create a neat and presentable space by removing excess furniture items, boxes, and the likes.

The above also applies to the garden. You may have a boat, caravan and motorcycle at your premises. Though certainly valuable, the items add to the clutter. The solution is to rent storage in Johannesburg for the short-term period. In this way, you can create a spacious feeling at the house and thus increase the potential of getting the desired price.

Renting Storage

What do you do with vehicles you don’t use very often? Instead of having the boat trailer parked under a tree or shade net, rent storage in Johannesburg. If the boat and caravan are stored off-site, you reduce the risk of theft and damage considerably. Also, keep in mind that criminals constantly scout neighbourhoods and they notice when a caravan is gone for a few weeks. They easily conclude that you are on holiday. You thus reduce risks considerably by always storing such vehicles off-site.

You will also want to rent storage in Johannesburg if you plan to move to the Cape where you will at first rent a furnished home before you buy property. Rather than moving all the items in a rush and having to rent storage there, you can save money by renting storage space in Johannesburg. This will afford you the time to move the items to storage, but without the pressure of having to do so within a period of 48 hours. Once stored, it is easier to focus on the items that you do want to move to the furnished home in Cape Town.

Another instance in which you will benefit from renting storage is when you have just sold your home and the new owner wants to take occupation before you can move into your new home. In this instance, you will want to rent storage in Johannesburg for a short period, which can be a week or two, or perhaps a month.

In another scenario, you need long-term storage space in Johannesburg because you have accepted a project-based work offer in one of the neighbouring countries. You know the project will be completed in two years, but since you will rent a furnished home for the period, there is no reason to move all your furniture to that country.

Finally, you may need short-term storage space for your houseplants while moving to a new house. For this, you will want to rent a greenhouse setup in Johannesburg.

Choosing the Right Facility

Select a highly secure facility. The security should include patrols, CCTV monitoring, gated access control, and secure perimeter fencing. It should have appropriate storage space for the types of items you want to store. Expensive carpets should be stored in dust-free environments. Antiques should be stored in appropriate spaces. Plants should be stored in greenhouse facilities.

In addition, inquire about the affordability of the storage units in Johannesburg. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the storage provider. Lastly, always consider the immediate environment surrounding the self-storage facilities, because you want a safe environment, as you may need to visit the storage units from time to time.

Which Service Provider?

Don’t rent storage in Johannesburg solely based on price. Many places offer cheap storage, but are dirty and unsafe. Work with a service provider that has the paperwork in order, has on-site management, and keeps the entire facility neat and maintained. In addition, choose the service provider based on their reputation. If you work with a large company such as Elliott Mobility, you have the assurance of quality. Larger service providers have quality procedures in place and facilities to meet your storage requirements.

Where to Rent Storage

Rent neat, secure and affordable storage in Johannesburg through Elliott Mobility whether you require short- or long-term storage facilities.

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