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10 Tips to Make Furniture Removals in Johannesburg Easier

Love it or hate it, but at some stage in your life, you are bound to have to relocate. More than likely, this will happen multiple times. While the idea of moving is exciting and brings the promise of new beginnings and adventures with it, the actual process is often a much different story. It is hard work. It is stressful. It is disruptive. And it takes up a whole lot of your time.

This is no wonder. We often think of relocating as one thing, when, in fact, it is an amalgamation of different projects that have to be orchestrated simultaneously. Depending on your situation, you have to find a new job, look for a new house in a brand-new town, say goodbye to friends, address admin-related changes and updates, pack all your belongings, arrange for furniture removals and the accompanying transportation of your goods, and take care of a plethora of other tasks along the way.

Now, as is the case with most things in life, the better you prepare, the easier the execution eventually is. Here are ten things you can do to make your moving day much, much easier – both physically and mentally:

  • Start Planning Early

There is no such thing as starting your planning too early. Starting early will not only help you to get to everything that needs attention in good time but will also take a lot of the pressure off you. No longer do you have to remember everything and worry about what you have forgotten. You can easily prioritise tasks and take care of the most important ones first. And, most importantly, if you start early, you do not have to worry about including everything on your list in one go. Treat it as a living document and add to it, expand on tasks, and remove things that are done as you get to it.

  • Find A Reliable Furniture Removals Company in Johannesburg

One of the first things on your list would be to find the most suited moving company in Johannesburg to partner with. Dates get booked up well in advance, and you do not want to end up without a service provider or having to choose an option you are not completely comfortable with. Start by contacting Elliott Mobility. We have been around for almost seventy years, so we know what we are doing. We can help you whether you are moving to, from, or within Johannesburg, regardless of whether it is a domestic or international relocation.

  • Get Your Packing Material Sorted

Before you can start packing, you will need wrapping materials to keep your belongings safe and boxes to pack it in. If you have chosen Elliott Mobility as your moving company, you will be happy to know that we supply the necessary packing materials. In fact, we use environmentally friendly Envirowise Boxes that are entirely reusable and recyclable to reduce waste, and even have unique numbered seals to make sure that your goods are kept safe and organised.

  • Start Packing… Now

Packing tends to take much longer than most of us allow time for, and it is often more stressful than the actual move itself. This is, of course, if you are doing all of the packing yourself. Elliott Mobility’s expert crews are trained in the art of the perfect pack and can even help with specialist items that need extra protection and wrapping.

  • Get Rid of The Clutter

Now, this one is completely up to you, but the fact of the matter is that the less stuff you have to move, the faster and easier the move will be. So, set time aside to go through each room, and throw out what you do not want or have not used in ages. Sell it on for some extra cash or donate it to a charity where it can serve a great purpose. This does not have to happen in one session. In fact, you will have more success if you complete two or three purging rounds.

  • Take Photos of Your Electronics

Not all of us are naturals when it comes to hooking up our electronic devices. Make your life easier upon arrival at your new destination by taking photos with your phone of your current electronic devices and how they are set up before you disconnect them. This way, reconnecting them on the other side becomes a breeze.

  • Find Out If You Need Any Specialised Removal Services – And Book Them

Not every furniture removals company in Johannesburg offers a full-service solution, nor should all of them be trusted with the relocation of more sophisticated, valuable, or fragile items. Think about things, such as your fine art collection or your antique furniture pieces. Elliott Mobility is a recognised member of ICEFAT (International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters) and offers a range of world-class fine art services, such as state-of-the-art packing (including building customised crates), transportation, shipping, and installation across Southern Africa and the world.

  • Make Sure You Have Sufficient Insurance Cover

Most regular short-term home content insurance policies do not provide comprehensive cover against loss during a relocation. It is up to you to arrange sufficient cover to protect you against any potential loss during your move. While Elliott Mobility maintains an exemplary level of service excellence, even we have to admit that accidents do happen. Because of this, we also offer the facility of all-risk and marine insurance protection at an additional charge.

  • Pack an Overnight Bag to Keep with You

The actual day of your move often feels like one of the longest days of your life. There is so much to do and it seems like things will never get done. Chances are that you will not feel like even starting the unpacking process on the day. However, you do need to wash, eat, and get dressed for the next day. Instead of having to find the right boxes and scratch through all of your belongings, pack yourself an overnight bag with all your essentials to keep with you. Do not forget the coffee!

  • Find A Babysitter And/Or Pet Sitter

We absolutely adore our children and we consider our pets part of our families. Yet, there is no getting around the fact that they will most likely be in the way while you try and juggle a million balls on the day of your move. So, if possible at all, why not arrange for them to stay with a friend or family member on the day? Alternatively, arrange for a sitter. This will make the day much less stressful for you and for them.

Yes, We Can Move You During Lockdown

Elliott Mobility is providing full moving and relocation services, while strictly adhering to the safety and operating guidelines for workers and businesses. This covers international, national, and domestic moves. Our sales and administration teams will continue to be available to assist you, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your furniture removals requirements to, from, or within Johannesburg, and to obtain your quote.

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