Everything You Need to Get a Free Online Moving Quote

Everything You Need to Get a Free Online Moving Quote

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Moving can be a logistical nightmare if you don’t know how to go about it (or if you attempt to do everything last-minute). People often underestimate how much planning goes into a move, especially moves that were seemingly conducted within a short timeframe. Proper and diligent planning is at the heart of any perfectly executed plan, whether it is a surprise engagement in Paris or relocating yourself and your belongings from Pretoria to P.E.

Attempting to move on short notice without the assistance of a professional moving company should be avoided. Even if you are given exceptionally short notice to vacate premises along with your belongings, it is still a good idea to plan ahead as much as possible and to consult with professionals to ensure that you do not overlook anything and that the move is done safely. We share this short guide and checklist below to help you plan your move and to get an accurate online quote as soon as possible.

Prepare This Checklist Before Getting a Free Online Moving Quote

Planning helps us to make certain decisions in advance and under much less stressful circumstances so that when the time comes and we are faced with those decisions, we can comfortably make them without having to worry about the consequences in the moment. When you plan ahead for your move, you should try to account for every possible outcome and every potential consequence. Planning mitigates the risk of quick, on-the-spot decisions. 

By having the information below ready when you request a free online quote, you will save time and be able to get an accurate online quote quicker.

  • Your moving date. Setting a specific date for the move will help you get organised quickly and will allow you to prioritise tasks like sorting through your belongings and packing. It is very difficult to plan a move if you do not know when you will be moving. This uncertainty tends to create “decision paralysis” where all tasks and choices are equally neglected because you do not know where (and when) to begin. Knowing the date well in advance will help you obtain an online quote and book the move with a professional moving company like Elliott well in advance. Keep in mind that the earlier you book, the likelier it is that your moving company will be available to accommodate you on your moving date.

  • List the contents of your home. Sort through the contents of your home and make an inventory of the items you own, working from room to room until you have catalogued and recorded everything. Knowing the contents of your home will make packing easier. You will also require this information to receive an online quote. With this information, we will be able to calculate how many boxes you will need, how quickly we will be able to pack and load them and determine the size of the moving vehicle.

  • Note any special requirements. While you are creating an inventory of your belongings, take note of all items with high value or with special packing and moving requirements. You will need to specify these items when you request an online quote so that we can make the appropriate arrangements to get them to their new destination safely. Elliott can organise special transportation and storage for fine art and other priceless items.

  • Get your free online quote! Now, simply visit Elliott’s website and request a quote for your move.  Use the information you collected and complete your request online. Once you are done, our friendly team will be in touch with you so that our movers can handle the rest.

Plan Your Next Move ­­– Get an Online Moving Quote from Elliott

If moving is on the horizon for you, then there is no better time to start planning for it than now and choosing the right company to help you move can make all the difference. As an established industry expert, you can trust Elliott to support you during your move, from assisting you with the initial planning to making sure that you arrive and settle into your new home with your belongings intact.

Visit our main page and click on “Request A Quote” to get started.

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