Professional Moving Services That Cater for All Your Needs

Professional Moving Services That Cater for All Your Needs

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There are difficult choices and there are easy ones. A difficult choice, for example, would be to move to a new country to pursue the next step in your career, but having to leave your friends and family behind. An easy choice would be choosing the professional movers to help you relocate.

Elliott would be the smart choice. As professional movers, we have the knowledge, history, tools, and team that puts us ahead of the pack. We can facilitate almost any move, from a small bedroom’s worth of furniture and boxes to large office premises. We also offer storage, art relocation, freight, and logistical services to ensure that our customers’ various needs can be met. We are an established industry leader with a long track record of excellent and professional service. This article explores Elliott’s illustrious history and serves as a testament to our dedication to our customer base.

A Quick History Lesson on One of SA’s Top Professional Movers

Elliott is one of the oldest professional moving companies in South Africa. We were established in 1947, almost exactly 75 years ago! It was an exciting time for the world, as the Second World War had just ended two years prior and important scientific discoveries (like the invention of the transistor) were being made. It is also the year when the Cold War commenced, which puts into perspective how long ago it truly was.

We started as a small-scale operation with a modest team of movers in the Western side of Pretoria. As our team and the size of our operation grew, so did our reputation. Our current owner and esteemed Chairman, Tom Ansley, acquired Elliott in 1979 and, by 1987, we received one of the highest possible honours the industry had to offer at the time – the Platinum Award, from UK-based company OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International). We can thus proudly say that excellence is a part of our heritage and has always been deeply ingrained in the way we do business.

If you ask anyone about the 90s, they will tell you that it was a strange and wonderful decade. It was certainly an interesting time for Elliott. We went viral at a time when the word strictly referred to illnesses, not segments of popular culture that are passed around and discussed by everyone. The reason for this was a slight technical malfunction on a radio advertisement campaign that resulted in a regular Elliott ad getting stuck in a loop. The phrase “Elliott is amazing” was repeated over and over and became a popular topic of discussion, with even linguistics experts chiming in. We put our newfound fame to good use and have since expanded to where we are today – not just movers, but professionals who can facilitate an array of removal services.

The Elliott Customer Protection Guarantee

It can be said that most professional movers try their best to deliver a good (or at the very least, acceptable) service. Still, no company is perfect. At Elliott, we always set out to do the best possible job and we have made it a part of our core business model and philosophy to deliver a professional movers’ service that is not just adequate, but excellent.

We are so confident in our ability to accommodate and satisfy our customers that we have instituted the Elliott Customer Protection Guarantee. Beyond serving as a promise that we are dedicated to making our customers happy, the Elliott Customer Protection Guarantee allows any customer who was unhappy or experienced issues with our services to immediately get the attention of our joint CEOs, Charles Luyckx and Brad Barker. Through this unique service, our CEOs have made it their mission to personally investigate any problems themselves to ensure that every possible step is taken to solve them and ensure excellence in customer satisfaction. Our team of movers will work hard for you; it should not be the other way around!

Elliott offers a range of moving services that cater to your various needs, as we understand that moving can be a challenging experience. Instead, let’s turn your move into a memorable success. You can read more about Elliott and our professional services by clicking here.

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