Get a Quote for Storage Facilities with 24-hour Security

Get a Quote for Storage Facilities with 24-hour Security

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We all own possessions we consider valuable. It could be something with little monetary value, but a lot of sentimental value, like a favourite toy from childhood or a wooden jewellery box passed on for several generations. It could also be something ludicrously expensive like a R20-million Pierneef painting or a classic car worth the same amount or more. We don’t always have the space to keep these items around and sometimes they are more a source of stress than a source of joy. It’s natural to worry about our possessions, whatever they are, and to think about the best way to protect them.

Whether you’re moving or you just need to store your priceless valuables, you’ll need to get a quote for 24-hour security storage facilities. The biggest reason is that you don’t always have the means to protect your items yourself, or you don’t have the equipment and storage facilities needed to store some of the more high-maintenance items like vintage bottles of wine and valuable artworks. In the case of the latter, they are usually bought as a long-term investment and require highly specialised storage facilities to maintain their investment value over time.

The Benefits of Storage Facilities with 24-hour Security

Specialised items require specialised care. You can’t just stuff your new Irma Stern in a closet and hope for the best. Art (especially expensive art) requires highly specialised storage facilities. The same goes for classic cars, antique artefacts or heirlooms, and vintage wines. Examples of specialised storage include climate-controlled storage and cold storage. Just make sure your facility of choice has 24-hour security. You wouldn’t want to spend a small fortune on a climate-controlled room for your art investments, only for some scrupulous art thief to simply walk in and rob you blind!

A major benefit of storage facilities with 24-hour security is that they are safe by nature. Your valuables are placed behind lock and key (almost like a vault), with security being enhanced further with 24-hour security cameras, guards that constantly patrol the perimeter, controlled access (we won’t admit anyone without a key or key card and proper identification), and electric fencing. If someone wants to steal your belongings, they’re going to struggle. Another hallmark of a good storage facility is good protection against fire and water damage. When you get a quote, make sure you ask about the security measures in place to keep your possessions safe.

It’s not just about expensive paintings and cars, however. It’s not uncommon for us to move to a new place, only to realise that a certain piece of furniture won’t fit without heavily damaging either it or the structure of the house. In the case of something with sentimental value, it’s not always possible to sell it, so it’s better for you and your valuables to store them out of harm’s way.

Before you get a quote, it is imperative that you know what you will be paying for. Elliott offers many value-added services to our customers, with our 24-hour security storage facilities not being the least among them. Your goods will need to be transported to and from the place where they will be stored, which is a service we offer. We also provide optional insurance to give you the much-needed assurance that your possessions are safe with us.

Why you Should get a Quote with Elliott

In many disaster or dystopian movies, there is usually a scene where an effort is made to save the world’s priceless artworks and artefacts. Sometimes the artworks are wrapped in off-colour bedsheets and haphazardly tossed in the backs of conspicuous black vans, which is the last thing you would want to do if you were truly interested in saving Earth’s priceless art from certain doom. While Elliott cannot guarantee that our 24-hour security storage facilitieswill keep your valuables safe from the apocalypse, we can offer you the next best thing, which is access to secure storage facilities that can keep your valuables safe while the world is still standing.

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