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We move your world via air and sea to any destination tailor-made for complete peace of mind.


Maximize cost-effectiveness with our shared container relocation services, ideal for smaller shipments should your timeline be more flexible.


Premium moving services to selected Southern African destinations.


Flexible delivery solutions that enable you to ensure your goods are safe and protected until you are ready for them to be delivered to you.

Elliott will handle the hassle of your international move. We are globally accredited and recognised for service excellence and outstanding success in international packing and moving. When you move with Elliott, you choose the convenience of a door-to-door service, a globally partnered network, and complete peace of mind. 

Elliott’s relocation services are designed to support you throughout your move. And since international moves require a more detailed record of every item being moved, we ensure that every piece being shipped is exactly documented on a survey list. To compile an accurate list, we recommend scheduling at least two or more hours for the pre-move survey to ensure adequate time for our team to accurately measure and document your household items. If items are not thoroughly inspected, your quotation may not accurately reflect the costs of your move. Fine art, furniture, personal effects, appliances, and electronics that need to be moved must be available for viewing during the pre-move survey.

On acceptance of the quotation, Elliott will begin the relocation planning process, which includes scheduling every phase of your consignment’s move from wrapping and packing to its arrival and unpacking. If items need permits to be moved, or need to undergo a quarantine or treatment process, the exact requirements will be discussed with you and arrangements at the relevant ports and customs offices will be made. If you are moving pets, our pet travel partners will explain the exact timelines and veterinary requirements for the successful export from South Africa and import of companion animals of your destination country.

Wrapping and packing

Elliott’s skilled moving teams will expertly wrap and pack your household with specialised packing materials that are designed for support during long-distance moves. Artworks mayfor example be transported in custom-built solid crates and furniture is wrapped and cushioned to prevent scratching and marking. China and glassware are carefully wrapped and packed into cartons. We recommend only using the boxes provided by Elliott for moving as they are specifically designed for carrying the weight of heavy and bulky household items.


When our team has completed the packing process, they will load your consignment. When your consignment is moving by sea, they may load your belongings directly into the shipping container. Once loaded, your consignment will be transported to the port or airport for transport. If you are not moving your consignment immediately, ask Elliott about storing your goods at one of their palletised storage facilities. Your sales consultant will discuss the costs involved in storing goods in South Africa both short and long term compared to storing consignments overseas.


A consignment can be in transit between six and twelve weeks before reaching its destination. It is therefore imperative that you plan for the delay well in advance.

Arrival and unpacking

Elliott’s international agents will assist you with customs clearance, delivery, and unpacking. We suggest contacting them as soon as you arrive. Additionally, most countries require your presence before your consignment arrives at their ports. If you are delayed for any reason, we highly recommend letting us know before your consignment leaves so that we can delay its shipment, if possible.

It is however important to understand that any addition to or deviation from your initial moving plan may incur fees. We therefore recommend letting us know when your plans change so that our sales team can provide an estimate of costs for additional services, such as unplanned storage. We strive to provide an exceptional service through open communication and accurate quotations.

Every country has its own unique requirements for immigrants. We therefore recommend checking with your consulate in the country to which you are moving to ensure that you are well informed and prepared for your move. Elliott’s international moving team suggests ensuring that any documentation such as visas and permits or change of residence documentation (required in France and Spain), is packed with your accompanying luggage and not your consignment. If you are interested in learning more about moving overseas, view our comprehensive moving guide for international relocation.

Moving to South Africa

With it’s beautiful weather, stunning scenery, incredible wildlife and diverse cultures, it’s easy to see why you would choose to move to South Africa and the difficult part shouldn’t have to be the actual move. Our full-service offering aims to make your transition into your new home, smooth and hassle-free.

Wherever you’re coming from, we offer door-to-door quotations via sea, air or road, making sure your family’s belongings arrive safely at your new address. We also coordinate, control and manage all shipments and consignments on your behalf so that you don’t have to. Don’t want to deal with the endless documentation and hassle that comes with customs? Our team of experts will happily take care of all your customs concerns too.

Packing things up and moving is one thing, but getting settled in a new country is entirely another. Before you start feeling overwhelmed, you can rest assured knowing that we’re here to support. Whether you need help finding the perfect home or choosing a top-quality school for your child, our destination services specialise in ensuring that the move to South Africa is seamless.

Moving Internationally

Every international move is unique, that’s why our fully trained and experienced staff work closely with you to make sure that your move overseas is a success. From a free pre-move survey of your household and requirements, to final delivery at your new home, we go the extra mile to make sure that your personal and prized possessions arrive safely and are well-cared for along the way.

Our global network of expert movers means that you’re guaranteed a first-class service to any country in the world. Professional packing crews carefully package and protect your valuable possessions so that you don’t have to worry. With door-to-door quotations that include customs clearance, freighting (both sea and air), delivery and unpacking, we’re sure to save you time and money.

Moving from One Continent to Another

Every international move is unique, that’s why our fully trained and experienced staff work closely with you to make sure that your move overseas is a success. From a free pre-move survey of your household and requirements, to final delivery at your new home, we go the extra mile to make sure that your personal and prized possessions arrive safely and are well-cared for along the way.

Our global network of expert movers means that you’re guaranteed a first-class service to any country in the world. Professional packing crews carefully package and protect your valuable possessions so that you don’t have to worry. With door-to-door quotations that include customs clearance, freighting (both sea and air), delivery and unpacking, we’re sure to save you time and money.

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Moving Internationally doesn’t have to be a Convoluted Hassle

When popular wisdom ranks moving as one of the most impactful exercises people can undertake, it’s not surprising that many face moving to another country with trepidation. The good news is, international moving doesn’t have to be a daunting task, as companies like Elliott have built a global service that can smooth over even the most far-flung move. Professional movers know only too well how stressful it can be, and how intimidating it can feel, when you’re relocating to another country. Any truly professional moving company will have finely tuned systems and services in place to sort out every detail, but the top priority is always you. Pros understand that moving is first about people, not stuff, and it informs their superior solutions to international moving.

International moving is not the same as moving across town, as anyone who has gone through the exercise can confirm! That said, while it’s certainly a more complex and detailed process, it doesn’t have to be any more stressful than moving over the road, as long as you have a professional service in play. Professional, in this instance, means a far greater service offering than many would imagine. Genuinely involved professional moving services will offer far more than a blunt relocation service. You’ll have the cost estimate and mutually formulated plan of action of course, but you’ll also have access to highly relevant and enabling services like planning and budgeting assistance, house hunting, orientation tours, and even assistance with vetting schools that meet your criteria.


When Good Businesses Join Forces, It Means Great Business for You

In order to offer such a detailed bouquet of services to customers, top-end international movers like Elliott have formed international relationships with overseas businesses that share our ethos and commitment to excellent service. Whether you’re moving out of South Africa or coming in from one of our partner countries, you can expect fluid and consistent service every step of the way. You can be assured that when you see affiliation with hale and reputable industry organisations like FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux) and IAM (International Association of Movers), you know you’re in good hands, and can expect a seamless and trouble-free experience across the globe, transporting your possessions to any city in the world.

You might surmise that with such a detailed and comprehensive offering, that pro movers like Elliot present very fixed options. Far from it, in fact, as the hallmark of every superior moving service is accommodating your unique needs around your move. It really is all about people for us, and we make international moving a pleasure because of it. But what about cross-border issues, customs clearing, and the host of potential red tape involved in an international move? In a nutshell, we’ll get your belongings there safely and in good order. We take on all the implications of moving belongings across international borders, whether by air, sea, or road. Professional is as professional does, and we’ve left nothing out, to ensure that your international move is as smooth as can possibly be.


Support from Professionals is the Only Way to Move Internationally

No matter that a solid professional moving service can make your international move a breeze, there are some specific considerations you’ll want to consider when moving across borders:


Other Key Elements in an International Move

If ever there was a time for minimalism, international moving is it! Uncluttering your life doesn’t have to stop at minor electrical appliances and the like-when you’re moving across borders, each item should be considered for its value and ease of replacement. Not only does moving less cost less, but very often speciality items are also easier and sometimes cheaper to replace at your destination, rather than packing them in with everything else. Unpacking on the other side will also be easier with less stuff to deal with, and that might be a big consideration for many.

Mimicking the carpenter’s adage of measure twice and cut once, when you’ve evaluated everything you own as to whether you’re taking or leaving it, do it again a few days later and preferably again after that. It takes a moment it’s true, or a couple, but when moving day comes around, you’ll feel confident and prepared, having already established what your essential belongings are. Will you need storage? Some items or perhaps many you won’t want to discard, but also don’t want to drag them with you. A professional international moving service will have storage options on hand, further reducing the angst around your belongings.


What Makes Elliott the Go-To International Mover?

Elliott has been around since 1947, and very few international movers can claim such a hale lineage. We’ve more than survived, we’ve grown through good and bad times, because we understand that if you offer an excellent service, you have to succeed. So much more than advertising copy, we live out what we claim to represent, and we have a long list of happy past clients to prove it. So much more than mere movers, we’ve developed our suite of international moving services as a response to the needs of our customers over the years.

We’re not merely in the business of moving “stuff’ across the globe, but rather go to vast lengths to make sure our customers are having a good time of things too. That includes assisting with things like house hunting, school options, orientation sessions, and even expense management once you’re safely in your new home. Do you have pets? We take care of Fido and Tibbles as well, and your pets will get the safest and swiftest route to their new home that can possibly be arranged. For many people this is a biggie, we know it, we’ve got it sorted. Your family, belongings, pets, vehicles, art pieces-we have strategies and solutions in place to deal with anything and everything, and we bring decades of experience and international standing to bear on your move abroad. We understand it’s potentially overwhelming, and have formulated our communication, moving, and liaison strategies precisely to eliminate the angst of an international move.


Choose Elliot as the Best in International Moving to or from SA

At Elliott, we’re always thinking ahead for you. You can deal in your home currency from your current home base, and we’ll smooth over exchange and time zone issues. You’ll always enjoy local liaison and a constant point of contact, because we know it’s reassuring for you to be able to pick up the phone and get immediate answers when you need them. More than that, and something we want our customers to know and experience, we aim at being your best experience in international moving. We’re competitive, and constantly stepping into any gaps you might identify to maintain the ease and enjoyment of a great journey in your life.

Our range of services is hard to beat, and key to your enjoyment and assurance in the process of moving abroad. We’re project managers par excellence, and we bring our expertise to bear on every single detail you experience in your move. To us, you’re a unique experience, and while we have a huge toolbox of services and facilities at your disposal, we never forget that each move is different, and each client will have priorities within their project. Call on us first and see why so many have relocated so successfully over the years. We’re here to make sure you save time, save money, and enjoy every minute of it!

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