Choosing Amongst the Moving Companies of Johannesburg

Who hasn’t moved and felt overwhelmed or deflated? When moving house or offices, who hasn’t lost goods or found it’s taken a week or two to re-establish themselves, simply because of lack of planning? Of course, some lucky souls get it right the first time around and have a great experience when moving. Despite the nature of the move, no one has the luxury of hit-and-miss arrangements, at least not without financial implications. Whether moving to or from areas in Gauteng, we all need to choose a mover from amongst the many moving companies in Johannesburg, for example.

While office moves that go wrong can cost in rands and cents, so too can sloppy residential moves. At times, losses in moving home often also have sentimental value. Right off the bat, it would be fair to say that we all want a smart, punctual, professional moving experience, without negligent losses, and at the most affordable price. That can be the mantra of those on the move, and rightfully so. By now, every South African understands that, when you’re standing in your driveway looking at your mover, and his truck is belching smoke while his staff look idle or disinterested, you’re on the razor’s edge. It takes more than a vehicle to make a mover, and nobody should be naive about the fact that you get what you pay for with movers.


How to Evaluate the Moving Companies of Johannesburg

With that said, how do you choose a moving company, especially in Johannesburg, where the entrepreneurial spirit runs high? For one thing, much like buying a car or a house, you’ll check the performance. In the case of a car, that translates into the visual appeal, but also the car’s performance on all metrics, including its price, relative to the competition. In the case of a house, you’ll evaluate property prices for the area first, trying to gauge whether you’re buying a dud or an investment, and also whether you’re paying a fair price for the place. Strangely, few people do that kind of homework when moving, because the same process really should be applied. Without disadvantaging newer entrants into the trade, experience counts in the moving game. So much, in fact, that lousy movers will eventually go out of business. That’s not soon enough to save those who will employ them before they finally collapse. Sooner or later, though, someone is going to do their homework. As a result, slipshod movers will miss out on business often enough to be unable to service vehicles, pay staff, or even advertise.

The lousy moving companies in Johannesburg are seldom around in a few years because moving is personal (it’s not arbitrary to the person moving), it demands specific products (equipment, packaging and sundry), and it thrives on professional planning and expertise. There is no reason why moving has to be the hold-on-and-pray experience it is for so many. Amongst the moving companies in Johannesburg are some leading players in removals and relocations. The long and the short of it is planning goes a long way. This requires doing your homework on the company you’ve appointed, actually phoning one or two references they provide, considering their response objectively, evaluating their presentation when you meet, and taking note of their overall demeanour and language. It’s easy to spot wannabes with just a moment’s investigation. It’s also great reassurance when you discover that the moving company you’ve chosen ranks as one of the top Johannesburg removal and relocation companies.


Elliott Remains One of the Top Moving Companies in Johannesburg

Do you want to secure the level best moving service in town at a price that might surprise you? Then call Elliott first. We’re internationally recognised as a trustworthy, professional member of the trade, and we have an extensive global network that allows us to relocate clients abroad or welcome those landing in South Africa. Although some might not be aware of it, you can’t be a shaky outfit and maintain such strong relationships. More than that, we’ve maintained our business for decades, which can reassure you of our eminently professional approach.

And the price? With Elliott, you get assurance, not anxiety. Despite our leading professional standing, we’re still market-related and extremely competitive on price. We know that just as unprofessional, low-quality moving companies disappear, so do overpriced ones. Call on Elliott and let us evaluate your needs and present you with a service bouquet, at a price you can afford.